Dr Amanda JeffersonI had the pleasure of attending Emma’s workshop on nutrition and gut health and found Emma to be warm, engaging and knowledgable. Emma clearly has a passion for helping others live a happy and healthy life, as evidenced by her compassionate and enthusiastic approach to helping those at the workshop implement lifestyle and nutrition related changes. Furthermore, I have really enjoyed reading Emma’s blogs as they are not only informative but hilarious with a raw honesty that is refreshing. I’m grateful to have met the effervescent Emma-Louise Renton and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Dr Amanda Jefferson


Jason Ahipene - Calisthenic CoachI originally met Emma when she attended my Calisthenic classes at Movement Co in Perth Australia. I immediately found Emma to be warm, engaging & full of life. After getting to know Emma, finding out what she did and having read her blogs. I asked Emma to do a blog relating to fitness and dealing with anxiety, as I knew it would greatly benefit not only a number of our members but also our readers. The blog that Emma did for us was one of our most well received and she is sorely missed here. I would highly recommend Emma to anybody wishing to make positive changes in their lives.


Jason Ahipene – Calisthenic Coach

Chris Darmody - PsychologistI originally met Emma on a camp for young people who were engaging in programs to become young leaders in their community. Since then I have been lucky enough to witness Emma present a number of workshops to young people. What is immediately evident is Emma’s passion and ability to engage with people around their physical and mental health. Emma has an enthusiasm and energy that is infectious and you can’t help to get swept up in.

Chris Darmody – Psychologist


Wei Wen Chong - Camp Hero Legend

Emma is a bubbly, energetic person who makes working out admittedly quite fun and enjoyable, no matter how much my body protests! After 2 Camp Heroes with Emma, I’ve really discovered her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle – a large part of which is her fitness. She’s almost always smiling and always aspires to bring out the best in people; both in and out of fitness sessions. Her support and positive energy makes Emma a great health coach and even greater friend to be around!!

Wei Wen Chong – Camp Hero Legend


My psoriasis was the worst it had ever been, it was visible all over my face,  I hated my weight and was always tired which wasn’t good as had just started a new job. (three months into) I have realised that how I felt about my weight wasn’t actually as bad as I thought. It was in fact the way I felt in myself – tired grumpy etc that was actually more of the problem. Changing my diet me feel very energetic, working two jobs became easier. Plus I lost a stone in three weeks! From doing the elimination diet I realised that dairy, along with other factors that I already knew about – mainly stress from work, was the main cause of flaring up my psoriasis. So now, if I know i’m getting stressed with work – as it can be at times, or working longer hours, just in general have a busy week I will make sure I don’t consume, or have as little as I can in the way of dairy just so that I don’t aggravate my psoriasis further than it already will be. Emma is very understanding and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, she made it fun, we had a laugh (and some tears – from me). Emma is really helpful both in the one to one sessions we had as well as just over the phone or through text – always there. You will definitely benefit from it!!

Charlotte Page


Kylie JamesI thoroughly enjoyed the workshop you conducted on ……. Emma, thank you! You presented excellent information in a professional and friendly manner which had the whole group of ladies engaged and inspired. The content was diverse and thought provoking and it provided me with new tools with which to approach my anxiety. What you taught me has made a huge positive impact on my approach to so many different aspects of my life. Not only was the workshop full of valuable information and new perspectives, it was also a lot of fun! Thank you Emma.

Kylie James

I was feeling a little lethargic and not motivated in regards to eating well and exercising – I needed some extra support and guidance in getting back on track. Just as Emma’s title says, she is totally relatable. I really connected to her Instagram feed  – her humour, honesty and wisdom rang true for me. And once we had our discovery session I knew she was the one to help me I lost weight by sticking to her suggestions and learned some fabulous new recipes as well. Emma also introduced me to some new practices as well. Morning pages is something I really enjoyed and helped me reflect on my sub conscious and inner thoughts. I loved that my sessions with Emma were  more like catching up with a friend than a professional appointment. It was light easy going and refreshing but we stayed on track and achieved what was needed each time. For someone thinking about working with Emma I would say “Don’t hesitate – do it now !!!!”

Judith Butcher – Life Coach Zest Coaching