The 18 Lessons We Learn In Our 30s

I think we can all agree that our 20s are the decade for casual sex with the unwanted bonus of an STD, realising we aren't the only human being on the planet and monumental fuck ups we (ideally) learn from so we can stroll on into our 30s with a sassy "I've got this so come at me next decade" sort of attitude.



But what I can't get on board with is the notion we're meant to have our shit together as soon as the clock strikes past the hour on the day of our 30th birthday. As if all of a sudden we're gifted the answers to our most pressing questions like "Which side of the Brexit fence should I sit?" or "Are at home waxing kits ever truly a good idea?"

In answer to the latter, they're not.


And then there's almost this unwritten rule that if you're not married or at least on the road to be come 30 well buckle up babe because you're doomed to a life spent with cats who will eventually eat you when you die alone and unfulfilled.


Well I call bullshit.


Our 30s aren't for having everything neatly lined up; they're for still figuring shit out. With or without a husband, a house and 2point4 children.


So before you rush out to buy a litter of kittens, take a read of the 18 lessons we come to learn in our 30s and why it ain't half as bad as we think to reach this decade at all:

1 - They're for figuring out if having children is even something you want and not feeling ashamed if you don't.


2 - They're for working out what it is you don't want in a partner and finally letting go of that tick box list you've had since high school because real men don't have the face of Brad Pitt, arms of Chris Hemsworth AND the dance moves of Channing Tatum.

3 - They're for learning that strength is not based on the number of hardships we experience but our ability to not let them define us.


4 - They're for realising that love isn't always enough.


5 - They're for learning to say no. Even to yourself.


6 - They're for letting go and forgiving, accepting that we are not the mistakes we make but merely a lesson to be learnt if we are open to them.


7 - They're for still struggling to match both eyeliner flicks.


8 - They're for seeing the world and not because you're in the midst of a midlife crisis but because God Forbid you only get one life and you want to live it.

9 - They're for accepting that you can't please everyone and it's totally ok, in fact it's normal to not be liked by every single person on the planet. Just don't be an arsehole.


10 - They're for finally listening to your intuition, walking away from toxic situations that no longer serve you and giving zero fucks. Can I get an amen!


11 - They're for saying goodbye to the monsters under your bed and getting to grips with the ones in your head. And more importantly, winning every once in a god dam while.


12 - They're for having your favourite selfie filters on standby.


13 - They're for still having causal sex or wearing a dress designed with a teenager in mind because it's empowering and hell it's your body, your choice. I'm all about that life.

14 - They're for realising no matter how much of a bad ass grown up you are, Mum is the one you need when you fall sick.


15 - They're that AH HA moment when you realise that inspirational meme about better things falling apart so that others may come together doesn't just apply to our relationships with others, but the one with ourself. The best one of all.

16 - They're the time many of us dedicate to a journey of health after, unfortunately, losing a loved one or being handed a death sentence.

17 - They're for choosing a little cushion for the pushin over a salad and being A OK with it.

18 - They're for learning to be grateful for what we have and making this flash in a pan life fucking glorious!


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  1. I haven’t even hit my 30s yet and I feel like I am living a lot of these already hahaha


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