13 Reasons Having Anxiety Can Be A Great Thing

All too often it's doom and gloom when we talk about ill mental health. And I get it. None of us wants to be anxious and none of us wants to be depressed. I sure as hell have days when I just wish, wish that for once I could have a regular interaction with someone without then spending the next 72 hours over thinking the missed high 5 we shared in the gym.


I mean I literally perspired for days over that high 5. And then I told my friend in Australia about it. And then I brought it up to the guy it happened with so I could actually move on with my life FFS.


But still, I'm calling it kids. I refuse to see the fact I experience feelings of anxiety as a God awful thing only because do you know what? One, it DOES NOT define you and two, it brings about some rather wonderful characteristics in us lil cuties too.

So there.


Let's, for once, celebrate all of the fucking awesome things suffering with anxiety can bring to the table and high 5 our sassy little friend for being a darl.

Here are 13 reasons why being anxious AF can be great:

We're superhero strong because the fire inside us burns brighter than the fire around us.

We're attentive towards our loved ones and check in on them lots because we fear the worst has happened if we don't get a reply back within 24 hours. OK more like 15 minutes but still. We're attentive alright.

We're driven to do better by this internal force that never lets up, like ever. And with a little taming, we can learn to master that energy into something spectacular.

We're super sensitive to those around us, picking up on their energy when others may not and making ourselves readily available to help. Our hugs are pretty special too. 

We love hard. In fact you'll probably be hard stretched to meet someone who will love a person as much as we do because when we find our unicorn, the one who loves even the darkest parts of us and who has the ability to take us away from our toxic thoughts for even just a fleeting second, we're yours forever. 

  • We are kind, compassionate and understanding of all human beings regardless of race, disability or social status because we know what it feels like to believe that we're different somehow, an outsider in our own body. And we'll do everything in our power to help others avoid feeling that way.


We are deeply curious about the world and our place in it. We ask the questions others might be afraid to know the answers to and keep an open mind because we know, more than most, the complexity of one's thoughts.


We are a creative bunch, often finding relief in outlets that can be like our therapy in many ways. We are the artists, the writers, the coaches, the stylists and the musicians who tease our nervous energy into personal masterpieces, pushing forward to help others relate to a universal struggle.

We fully understand that life begins at the end of our comfort zone. Forget the memes, we're living it every day! Whether it's a simple trip to the supermarket or joining a new gym, we ignore those all too familiar roller-coaster like butterflies and get stuck in anyway.


We're highly adaptable even though it never seems like it in the moment. New job, new home, new country - we've got this because feeling fearful and uncertain 24/7 is our jam.

We strive for growth, knowing that it is often through our deepest pain that we transform into our higher self.


We're so grateful for our good days. For the sunlight poking through the trees or a cosy new pair of socks. We cling to these moments that make the quick sand sinking of our mind feel like a distant memory.


We feel the fear and do it anyway, refusing to be shackled to a life lived in the dark when there is so much light to be had. We might just need a little help every now and then...


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  1. Julie Andrew says:

    It’s obvious that anxiety is part of everyone’s life. I too get many times and sometimes even when i din’t get a coffee for a long time lol.

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