Cinderella’s Secrets Is Raising Mental Health Awareness


This book made me feel all warm and gooey inside, like the consistency of one of those bad boy hot chocolate puddings that burst with delight when a spoon breaks the surface.

You know what i’m talking about.


I’m a Disney Princess at heart so naturally I’m very familiar with the classic tale of Cinderella and her struggles.

This book, however, is something else.


In his quest to shift the magic and power back to the child, George Helou takes a modern classic and turns it into a mindful and empowering masterpiece.


I recently wrote about stress in the workplace and the benefits taking care of your employees can have to your business. An example of this is captured beautifully in the story when the servants of Cinderella and her parents who have come to expect a level of respect and kindness from their employer are suddenly treated in a negative manner to the point that the flowers on the property stop blooming.


The struggle of Cinderella’s Father Peter after the passing of his wife was enough to bring even this thirty year old close to tears. Yes I knew what was coming but the sheer devastation on this man’s being shook me and his death was a clear reflection of how a broken heart truly can bring us all to our knees. My absolute FAVOURITE quote from the book being from this very part of the story:


“Our deep sadness can repel the light and leave us to to struggle in the darkness.”


I felt like I could truly relate to Cinderella and her sense of being lost at this tragic time because no matter how much of a positive person we can strive to be, how many of the boxes we can tick for ourselves, life can throw us a curveball. It’s down to us to interpret the lesson and establish where we go from here.


Th author goes beyond the nastiness of the villain characters we have become accustomed to and delves into their why. So often we hear of a situation in which a person has behaved in a hurtful way and yet we never think to go any deeper into the reasoning behind it.


We approach each life decision from an angle of either pleasure or pain – how can I achieve more pleasure and how can I avoid pain. With this being said, why is it Cinderella’s (evil) step-family chose to belittle her the way they do? This book has your back. The author wants you to know the why.


With so many parts that hit a nerve, it was hard to pick what I liked most about the book however the frequent use of the words “anxious” and “isolated” really did strike a chord. My immediate thought was of a younger reader going through the motions of a mental health related situation and having absolutely no idea what to make of this foreign feeling. I know I certainly felt like a freak when tapping my knees in multiples of four in order to feel “safe” and having no idea why I did it.

Our feelings are justified; they do not make us weird.


There needs to be more education to reflect this. Using a fairytale most of us went to sleep hearing is a genius way of portraying the fact.


I only wish that a book like this had been available to me 14 years ago at a time I was experiencing bullying first hand. In the moment my world was crashing down around me and yet so much of the person I am today is as a direct result of that time in my life. Perhaps an open book like this one could have helped me manage the overload of feelings all those years ago.




Looking back on my review it would appear that my highlights of the book are of those related to the negative scenes however I am drawn to them. Life isn’t perfect and life is certainly not a fairytale. I didn’t leave school, fall into the arms of a handsome man and have babies by the time I was thirty. I come from a divorced family, moved overseas and don’t have a white picket fence in sight.

The author captures a true rawness to life that is often glossed over in fairytales and I commend him.


The younger generation needs more of this to prepare them for the trials and tribulations of life. Hell people my age need more of this! Transformation, self esteem, bullying, mental health awareness; this book has it all. If I were to go on much more I’d give away all the best bits so I’ll leave you with this quote from the book.


“Ella had become someone who felt capable, worthy, and deserving of love and abundance. She knew that she had to be true to her principles, values and to her heart in order to protect her wellbeing.”


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