24 Reasons Being a Girl Is Hard

Let’s face it ladies, if you have a vagina you’re gonna hit a few hurdles in life. Even with the wave of #girlbosses and #girlpower shit still happens.

Time to have a little giggle about it…

1) Being branded as “emotional” for crying in a professional situation when the only reason you chose tears is because a swift uppercut to the face is deemed as inappropriate behaviour.

2) Chipping your fresh nail varnish.

3) Poking yourself in the eye with your mascara.

4) Making the hat-trick with shitty eyeliner on just the one god forsaken eye.

5) Leaking through your best jeans.

6) Everything period related in general.

7) Burning your face with the straighteners. Or the iron depending on which decade you’re in.

8) Boobs that are small enough you resemble your younger brother but big enough to bounce painfully at training.

9) That one shop you could always do with a size 9 in clothing.

10) Facial hair. SO UNFAIR.

11) Waxing.

12) Bitching – it is hardwired into us.

13) Raging hormones when your period is in full flow or you’re carrying around a small human inside of you.

14) Do I even need to mention child birth?????

15) Condoms that get stuck up there.

16) Any attempt at having a conversation with a man who isn’t your partner and therefore by default, has to at least look like he’s paying attention.

17) Roots. Blondes really don’t have more fun…

18) Being right all of the time (it’s a lot of pressure).

19) The extra curricular activity one must undertake to learn specific life skills not taught in schools such as how to tell a man your idea in a way that makes him think he came up with it and thus, actions immediately. LOLs.

20) Spoon feeding an opinion to male colleagues delicately so as not to be considered bitchy by the little darlings.

21) Ludicrous double standards – Stud VS Slut.

22) The ever changing beauty and fashion standards. Size 0 is in, curvy is in, pink lycra is in. Sheeesh, give a girl a break.

23) Falling for a mummy’s boy. Enough said.

24) Forgetting you have a tampon in. HOW THE FUCK DO WE FORGET THIS??????


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6 responses to “24 Reasons Being a Girl Is Hard”

  1. Jess says:

    Hilarious- and sooooo true! All the hands-in-the-air emojis ???? ????????????????????????

  2. Hayley says:

    Haha yes Emma! How DO we forget about tampons? Maybe Tampax makes them too darn comfy.

    Hayley x

    • emmalouise says:

      Lol now there’s a cool compliment! “Tampax your tampons are so comfy I forget they’re in there” LOLs x

  3. Jenelle says:

    Hahaha, these are hilarious!

    xx Jenelle

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