How To Have A MindFULL Year


I love to highlight the shit out of my work diary.

There’s something rather satisfying about writing a list of to dos and then dragging that bright orange (occasionally mint aqua) highlighter across it.

Yet when it come’s to my personal diary, I am a NIGHTMARE! I even bought myself pretty pens and started drawing doodles in it to make myself love it that bit more but that got old real quick. In the past it’s gotten to the point where I’ve been called *sobs* flaky. I’m the yes person; loves to over commit herself and has a problem with saying no. This often leads to double bookings or getting so overwhelmed I forget things entirely and start to put the TV remote in the fridge.

Not awesome for the anxious streak in me; takes me days to forgive myself ha.

So I was really excited to hear from Kara, Co-Owner of Keopha and a new planner that promises to make 2017 your most mindFULL year yet.

Could this really be the planner that keeps me in check?

Can it really help to improve my mental wellbeing? 

What will stop it from becoming as lonely and unused as the rest of my diaries?

But the real kicker for me was what exactly do Kara and her business partner Elizabeth stand for because let’s be honest, I’m the girl who talks openly about her anxiety and if i’m going to review something that claims to help increase positive mental wellbeing then I want, no, I NEED to know the people behind the product.

So I asked Kara about her belief system on the subject and what this really means to her.

“The impact of our state of mind plays a big part of our day to day operations and mental wellbeing. It’s a known fact that when we are feeling lethargic, inactive, uninspired and negative  that we tend to attract more of the same energy.  We at Keopha created My MindFULL Year as we wanted to tap into your subconscious and ensure that your state of mind is always on track; to inspire!

There are many components to ensuring your mental wellbeing is on the right path but the more you surround yourself with positivity and the right thoughts, the more your mindset will change for the better.  Your eating, fitness, thoughts, stress levels and many more are the components that make up just some of the things that keep you in a healthy state of mind. And so these are the areas we have focused on throughout our planner. Our goal is to inspire you, empower you, help you create wonderful memories and love all of the things that make you happy.”

Now I could start reeling off everything it is I love about this planner with a big fat tick next to each one (and i’m totes about to)…

Beautiful Pictures
Breathing Tips
Fitness Advice
Colouring In
Inspirational Quotes

But instead i’ll finish by telling you this. 

If you’re looking for a diary that’s less focused on dates and organisation and more about a delightful treat to the head and heart that gets you giddy and excited to open each and every day, with quite potentially the only thing missing being fairy dust that bursts out over your face with every turn of a page, then this is the planner for you.

Oh, and each one sold equals a donation made to The Orange Pigeon and we all know how much of a fan I am when it comes to giving back to the community!

Sharing’s caring my babes X


*Disclaimer* I was gifted my very own planner before writing this review and all opinions are my own. Whilst I am more than happy to be contacted regarding future collaborations, my personal choice is to work with people who share the same beliefs surrounding positive mental wellbeing as I do.


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  1. Maybe I need to get myself an inspiring diary/planner. I’ve been feeling frustrated at my lack of social life and the fact that a lot of my life revolves around school pick ups and infertility treatments/tests/appointments. Maybe the right planner will get me excited to plan stuff outside of that again – seeing it all laid out in front of me in a positive light and not just feeling like an overwhelming mess.

    • emmalouise says:

      Oh my lovely, sorry to hear of your frustrations and feeling overwhelmed. I can so relate (although mine has been regarding work and not kiddies). Perhaps a little colour and inspo is just what you need?! Sending hugs x

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