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6 Inch Half Marathon 2015

Rachel and I “met” on Instagram about a year ago when I came across her page showcasing what can only be described as incredible photos identical to Britney’s abs in her Slave For You Days.

Her physique is insane!!

Oh and she’s 44 and a single Mum to a 20 year old son. Yeah, what’s my excuse right??

We’ve since kept in contact with an appreciation for each others straight talking and the occasional swear word and today I wanted to give you a little insight into her healthy lifestyle and the dedication she has to it.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to health?

I grew up in a home where food was home cooked and we were fed fruit, veg and meat; fresh and simple. My parents were always active so I guess my sister and I just always followed their lead. I’ve never been much of a joiner so have always steered clear of team sports and picked solo options like swimming, walking, surfing, weights or running. I am not a people person ha and I guess I’ve always taken my upbringing for granted.

Have you always been into fitness?

It’s always been normal to exercise regularly and eat proper food. I see so many people on social media struggling to find the motivation to do this and it’s made me very grateful for the way my parents raised us. I have a 20 yr old son who I’ve raised on my own and as much as money was never plentiful I made sure real, fresh food was on hand. Exercise and being active has always been the way we’ve lived our life and he’s a full time ballet student now so I guess it worked! He hates junk food, rarely drinks and trains his arse off.

What is your favourite way to train and why?

I have tried and loved different things over the years but lean more towards solo sports as I find it easy to push myself. I think I got that trait from my Dad – he was strong, stubborn as fuck and definitely a no bullshit/no excuses kind of person who taught me a lot of invaluable lessons. Running and weight training are DEFINITELY my favourites and I’ve been adding in some trail running the past year as Perth and the surrounding areas are BEAUTIFUL. I’m from the country and it makes me feel at home.  And weights….OMG love love love! I have been consistently lifting weights for about two and a half years now and seriously believe they are the fountain of youth. Nothing better than feeling strong and capable and I don’t exercise to look a certain way (I let go of that insecurity many years ago thank fuck!)  I love getting older and I exercise so that I can be independent for as long as possible.

How do you eat for optimum health and performance?

I eat gluten, dairy, and grain free and low FODMAP because I have chronic IBS and am gluten and dairy intolerant. I avoid packaged or processed foods as much as possible as the pain isn’t worth it and I don’t get any food cravings. Ever. Eating real food is the key; when your body is getting all the nourishment it needs it’ll stop craving. I take magnesium but no other supplements because I get all I need from real food. If I can train 12 to 14 hrs a week and improve strength and build muscle without fucking bullshit supplements and pre-workouts then anyone can. I certainly don’t have any magic powers (except maybe super sarcasm lol). My son also trains 30-35 hrs a week without supplements – GO AGNES! Whoops, got off track there ha –  basically I stock up on plenty of meat, eggs and all fruit and veg that are low FODMAP. And I use a lot of coconut.

You have a lovely family; how important is it that children understand what it means to be healthy?

Health is everything! I nearly lost my Agnes a few years ago and watching him get sicker and sicker was heartbreaking and terrifying. On the flipside, watching his body repair itself within 6 months after 18 months of illness was amazing. I am so fucking grateful for our good health. It seems wrong to misuse the healthy functioning body I have when a lot of people won’t ever have that. Health has always been the number one priority in our home and money is NO excuse. Eating well and being active is a long term investment and eating real food is waaaay cheaper.

Tell us truthfully, how difficult is it to achieve that toned 6 pack of yours haha?!

Hahahahah abs abs abs. Not hard at all  🙂 Just consistently eating real food and lifting heavy weights. I don’t train abs specifically very often tbh. Oh and surfing is AWESOME for the core!

Rach calls it how she sees it, isn’t afraid to get stuck into a workout and knows the importance of a healthy body. I don’t know about you but i’m totally itching to squeeze in a workout right now!

Burpees anyone???





“Most of these ladies are over 50 and are the most fun down to earth and inspiring women I’ve ever met. We do intervals and a sat morn run together every week.”




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