Quite Simply, The Most Stylish Workout Gear To Help You Avoid BO

When I lived in Essex the majority of my wages went on clothes and wine.

Fast forward a few years and uh, the majority of my wages still goes on clothes and wine but with one small difference; workout gear is my choice of poison.

I’m a sucker for a cute new outfit because hauling my arse to class is half the battle – looking super sassy whilst smashing it is the other.

My sporty threads need to have three things in common before I’ll even think about throwing them in the shopping cart:



Reasonably priced

Or to put it a better way, there’s no chance I’ll ever spend $150 on any named brand of leggings that are see through and give me camel toe.

Na uh!

I’ve been lucky enough to watch the growth of Sport’s Luxe Label Acron Threads, quite literally, from start to finish and what began as a line of sports gear that can then be turned into a stylish every day outfit has quickly grown into a company passionate about mental health awareness. Just take a look at the below.

Little bit delightful that.

I myself have been rotating through three pieces in recent months and find myself particularly drawn to two very appealing factors. Firstly, the fabric is out of this world, rub your face on a kitten and climb into bed with warm duvet covers soft. And you only have to stoke the threads yourself to be convinced. And secondly, if you’re worried about the smell after an hour of making your sweat cry then you needn’t be. Nat works with one of the most progressive fabric development companies in the world and the technology in her material enables the fabric to fight bacteria. Actual bacteria people! In fact it helps to kill body odour and you could even get away with not washing your clothes!  Although please don’t be that person. No one likes that person.

Now let’s delve a little deeper into my Acron Threads wardrobe.

Morgan Sports Luxe V-Tee $69

My very first experience of the brand was wearing Morgan with the leggings for a boxing session at Mach 1 Fight Club for the collab From Fight to Fab. I love how airy and light it felt as well as the print on the back. Because I tend to bounce a lot when doing any form of martial arts (think lots of skipping and padwork) I found myself pulling the top down a fair bit as I’m not overly keen on showing too much skin. Thus, it has since become a firm favourite for weekly reformer pilates sessions as it offers plenty of movement for weird and whacky position holds and stretches and is extremely comfortable.



Timeless Full length Leggings $109

These have to be my absolute fave of the bunch and I’ve worn the leggings to many a gym and brunch spot. The number one selling point is the fact these babies aren’t even close to being see through! I don’t need anyone seeing my vagina and certainly not in downward dog. They’ve not faded once in the wash and the waist band is an awesome thickness that prevents any digging. I own various pairs of leggings from different brands and for the quality and comfort; these compete extremely well in the market price wise.



Lucy Sports Luxe Tank $69

The new addition to my set, Lucy looks adorably cute with leggings and the length is very me. There’s not one workout it doesn’t suit although as a girl with a decent set of boobs on her I make sure to team with a suitable sports bra when doing a HIIT session to prevent flopping a breast out. This would be my favourite of the tees every day style wise as it boasts an attractive frontal print and looks fabulous teamed with a little cardigan for an avo and eggs brunch. And the best part? The shape allows for a bloated day which as women, we can all be prone to. Top marks!

Choosing your get up for a workout is a personal choice but I think I can speak for the female population when I state that zero camel toe, minimal BO and a fabric that doesn’t grate the flesh is a must.

The fact that Acron Threads helps to raise mental health awareness AND donates part of its earnings to Beyond Blue is the icing to my camel toe free cake.

*Disclaimer* This is a sponsored post however all opinions are true and my own.

Photos by Precious S2 Photography


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  1. Bernardine says:

    Thanks for the intro to Acron Threads. Glad it’s on my radar now!

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