Don’t be full of shit.

The more I’ve studied and read and poured information into my brain the past few months the more I’ve come to evaluate my actions, my behaviours and my accountability to every situation I’ve found myself in.

And boy is it confronting.

Mindfulness is a term being thrown around heavily at the moment and for good reason. We rush about our busy lives and slow down to enjoy a simple hello with a stranger or tap into our uniqueness. But if you wish to truly focus on your mindfulness (and I recommend that you do) then expect to be slapped in the face with a few home truths.

More to the point, it’s going to fucking suck at times!

And in true Relatable Miss Renton style, I’m going to be honest with you…

One of my pet hates is people pretending to be something they’re not but my BIGGEST pet hate is when I fall into this trap myself. And it has happened, more than once. Fuck.

If you follow my Instagram and other social media channels (firstly, high 5 you babe) then you’ll get me. I love food, I like to work out when I’m not bitching about the early wakeup call and I want to help the world improve its mental wellbeing.


My pictures are cute and colourful, I look happy and yep, I choose wicked angles cos ya know, I know how to work it peeps! I write passionately about wellbeing, mental health, real food, love for yourself and everything else I truly believe the world needs a little bit more of and if you meet me in person it’s no different (prepare for word vomit).

But I’m not perfect – please don’t ever think that I am.

Sometimes my work pants are too tight because I ate too much – I’m human.

Occasionally I speak or act from a selfish place and hurt the people closest to me – please forgive me and I promise I’ll do better next time.

Once or twice I’ve said sod it to study and watched back to back Suits in bed instead – have you seen Harvey?!

I sleep with my make up on, cry for no reason, skip breakfast even though I know it will have me anxious and overwhelmed come lunchtime and as much as I’m determined, organised, kind, loyal and goal focused I’m also a childlike wreck who breaks on occasion.

And guess what? Sometimes I don’t like myself.

There are things I need to work on and I hope to God I’m never perfect because then how will I continue to develop and have one hell of a journey along the way?

So if you’re going to take mindfulness seriously, start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable people. Face your inner villain and tell them what’s up, where you’re going in life and that they can either get in line or move along.

Then give them a hug and say “we’ve got this” because babes? You really have.

Be mindful of what you might find when you start focusing on the person you want to be and the person you currently are.

Warts and all.


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