21 Signs You Don’t Follow The Crowd

  1. You don’t rush out to buy the new iPhone each time it’s released.
  2. Fashion to you is whatever you feel comfortable in that day. And yes, sometimes this may mean UGGS with trackies you sexy bitch you.
  3. The gym isn’t a place for a fresh face of makeup; it’s the place to get down and make some boob sweat.
  4. You don’t care/know/factor time in of a day to find out who Kim Kardashian is sleeping with now.
  5. You don’t pretend to like everyone because being two faced doesn’t sit well with your principles.
  6. You can sometimes feel at odds with yourself but that’s OK, the path less traveled can be a scary one.
  7. You’re more interested in food labeling that you are Louis Vuitton.
  8. Your group of friends isn’t chosen based on how much they earn, their status or what they look like – they’re the ones with values similar to your own.
  9. You don’t feel the need to get married or have children to be happy.
  10. You see travelling the world as an opportunity to grow, not just another escape from the daily grind.
  11. You see mindfulness as necessary, not hippy.
  12. You can feel alone at times however understand that this is where the most self development occurs.
  13. You share your passions via creative outlets.
  14. You feel proud to be “different” and see it as strength as opposed to weakness.
  15. You see animals as kindred spirit.
  16. You are fiercely loyal to those you love.
  17. You have this nagging feeling you were put on this earth for a reason…
  18. You enjoy people watching and picking up small behaviours that may go unnoticed to others.
  19. You believe knowledge is power, not money.
  20. You don’t push your beliefs onto others because you know that great power comes from within and people must find it for themselves.


21. You. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. 

Half kidding 😉


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  1. Jackie (Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins) says:

    LOL I definitely don’t follow the crowd then, that’s good to know!

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