Why Do I Blog?

The idea behind this blog post came after a situation in which my boss asked me “What is this whole food blogging thing anyway”

Fair question seeing as I’d spent Monday night taking over his kitchen with his wife making a huge family meal for 10 and shooting 1,574,034 photos of it.

But it was more to do with seeing the facial expression of the lady he was talking to before he asked.

That kind of “Blogging sounds like a load of nonsense and something I don’t have the time to even want to try to understand so take your weird blogging hands away from me immediately”.

That look.

And it’s not the first time I’ve seen it lady so no biggie, as you were.

My normal response for people like that is simple – I shrug and say “I get free stuff”.

When in fact, free stuff actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, I get invites to events and launches and a few cheeky workout sessions here and there which I am BEYOND grateful for. I still remember the time last year I got a free coffee and brownie, telling myself to take a breath, be cool; I’ve totally made it.


But running my blog whilst working full time and studying is no easy feat. I knock up drafts of blogs in my spare time and spend most of my lunchbreaks quickly proofreading before I post. I’m forever on high alert for a photo op and my iPhone has approximately 1,245,485 random words/sentences/paragraphs ready to be launched into the atmosphere at any one given time. Sometimes I wake myself up because an idea pops into my head and naturally, it just has to be written down there and then.

And I wouldn’t change a single bloody thing because blogging in this short 18 months has taken my existence to a whole new level.

It helped me to realise my passion for health and fitness.

It has allowed me to be involved in a worldwide community that is lifting the stigma on mental health and raising awareness.

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 shared my blog post *swoon*

My work has featured on A Plus – a positive journalism site co-founded by Ashton Kutcher.

I’ve met heaps of new people and made lifelong friends.

I’ve been touched by the kind words of people also on their own journey to better their mental health and what they’ve been able to take from something I’ve written.

I spoke to 44 inspiring young adults learning to become leaders in their own community about mental wellbeing at Camp Hero.

I’ve become a better writer, photographer and all round creative person and found a little corner of the internet to share what it is I love to do.

So yeah.

This is why I blog.

Maybe you could find something that makes you just as happy too lady and then you’d be a little more open to other people and their way of life?

Just a thought.

Photo by TMc Photos


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