What Do The City Of Perth Activity Challenge and Emma Have in Common?

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They both got happy fat in Bali!

Oh wait…no. Just me.

OK so in all seriousness my work pants were a little snug after my recent trip to Bali but do you know what one of my favourite parts about going away on holiday is? I mean aside from the cocktails, sunbathing and 10am lay ins *sobs at distant memory*.

Getting back into my fitness routine when i’m home!

Exercise is a HUGE part of what keeps me healthy, happy and energetic so I was delighted to hear that The City of Perth had come up with an amazing challenge to help combat the chronic disease that is hitting the Australian community.

The City of Perth Activity Challenge kicked off on March 21st and hundreds of people from the Perth community are taking 10,000 steps per day as well as getting involved in activities that will stimulate the mind and get them back on track for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The challenge is just over half way complete which means motivation might be lagging a little.

So here are my top 7 tips for keeping motivated and fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle:

  1. Schedule exercise into your diary. We write down coffee dates and a doctor’s appointment; planning our workouts is just as important! Made plans to walk straight after work? WRITE IT DOWN! Writing your intentions means there’s a higher chance you’ll action them.
  2. Find a buddy. Did you know you’re more likely to keep a promise to a friend than you are yourself? Crazy huh! Agree to meet with a pal and push each other on the days you’re just not feeling it. Plus you get the added bonus of a gossip.
  3. Not got time for a scheduled workout? Skip the car or bus to work and walk or park in the furthest car park bay – every little helps. If that’s too far, utilise your lunch break and take the opportunity to get outside in the fresh air. You might be pleasantly surprised with how much more energetic you feel after too.
  4. Make the office your playground. For those of you in an office environment set an alarm on the hour, every hour and do a few laps to keep active. Doing this also stimulates the mind – win win!
  5. Visualise the finish line. There’s a lot to be said about mindfulness and the power just a simple thought can exert over the human body. Remind yourself of why it is you set out to achieve this goal and how amazing it will feel to reach it.
  6. Take pride in the example you are setting to those around you. You’ve chosen to take part in an awesome cause to help raise awareness about disease hitting your community. Share your journey with those around you and let their interest and energy help to keep you accountable.
  7. Congratulate yourself with a treat! Perhaps a massage or new pair of workout leggings; whatever tickles your fancy. You’re taking steps (pun intended) to better your health and should be proud. Take time out at the end of each week to recognise your achievement and give yourself a pat on the back.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful but if all else fails, tying a Family Size jar of Nutella to the back of a car and getting someone to drive normally does the trick for me.

But then again i’m a bit nutty.

Seriously, somebody stop me.

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