I’m Taking Part in the 12 Week Movement Co Challenge. Here’s Why.

Has it really been over 3 years ago since I walked into my first ever Muay Thai gym???

I remember feeling so homesick I’d typed “Martial Arts Perth” into Google because I thought I’d make it my focus to become bad ass like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And whilst I can safely report that no, I have not slayed any vampires (just a few ex boyfriends – JOKES!) trying out a new sport ignited in me this new passion for movement that has been on fire ever since.

So naturally when I was approached by DGPR to see if I would like to train at new Perth fitness facility “Movement Co”, I practically bit their hand off. I’d already been to the open day and booked a session on the climbing wall via ClassPass so I was keen to learn more.

Let me know show you the progress I have made in as little as 8 gymnastic and callisthenic classes.


And now let me tell you my top 5 reasons for making the transition over to a new style of training.

1) It’s a new challenge. I tend to get bored easily and when I was training Muay Thai 4-5 times a week I’d throw in some running, yoga and pilates so I could keep my mind busy and my body guessing. I have a huge way to go before I’m making shapes on the rings or holding even a 10 second handstand but guess what? I WANT IN!

2) My life got super busy. As a student of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an aspiring Health Coach, ClassPass Ambassador, blogger, girlfriend, friend and let’s not forget full time employee, I’ve got a few things to juggle! The location and timetable at Movement Co suit my schedule perfectly and I can kick start my days with 6am workouts. Easy.

3) The trainers. Seriously, I’m yet to meet one who isn’t both passionate and full of knowledge. Like attracts like which means everyone I’ve met training there is pretty awesome too.

4) Their community involvement. Movement Co launched their first scholarship program which entitled the lucky winners to 12 months of free training; people that might not necessarily have had the means to support their fitness goals otherwise. This. Is. Really. Cool.

5) I missed it! Quite possibly the biggest clue of how much I enjoyed my training is the fact I missed it this morning when I chose to catch up on blogging instead. So naturally I booked in for Wednesday Handstands IMMEDIATELY to get my fix.

Fitness has proven itself to be a very important staple when it comes to improving my state of mental health and I have a sneaky suspicion hanging upside down on the rings is going to bring a lot of fun with it too.

Here’s to being a child again!

Wait…I can still drink wine right??


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