How To Make Early Mornings Your Bitch

I’ve come to the conclusion that my alarm clock can suck a dick.


I get pissed each time it rudely barges into my life at 5am acting like it’s something special.

You’re not. And I don’t like you.

All that aside, I sorta kinda have to admit that i’m the one setting the damn thing so…

FFS I just LOVE the feeling after a 6am workout and knowing that i’m awake before so many others. It’s awesome to start my day on an endorphin high AND in doing so, i’m left with so much more time for activities in the evening after work.

Like study and cooking and snuggles with the boy.

Sorry baby; big strong bear hugs.

So why do I choose to roll over when it beeps in my ear?

Maybe iv’e become acclimatised to Perth’s glorious sunshine and it beaming through my window 9 months of the year, encouraging me to rise. So when Winter hits I feel all too cosy in my den of pillows.

Maybe i’ve been trying to figure out when i’m better suited to training; night or day and finding the right balance for me.

Or maybe i’ve become a little bitch.

Yeah, probably the little bitch one.

So here’s what I do know. In order to change the result we need to change the action. And in order to change the action, we need to change the thinking behind it. And in order to change the thinking behind it we need to tap into the subconscious part of our brain, NOT the conscious part.


So all I need to do is change my thinking using the thinking part that does most of the thinking even though i’m thinking all of the time and don’t know that what i’m thinking, i’m thinking. I think?

Make sense?

Didn’t think so. Too much wine probably.

Luckily for you I have a back up plan – Facebook.

I posted about my predicament and the masses came through – BIG time. Here are the tips/ideas/motivational actions that were suggested to help haul ones tired arse out of bed on even the coldest of mornings.

  1. The thought of getting $11 an hour at work. Very motivating.
  2. Getting back into bed, especially in the winter. I put a hot water bottle in it 30 mins before I get in so it’s lush n cosy, put my fluffy blanket under the duvet so I don’t get cold due to my health.
  3. If there is a Motorsport event on or if I’m getting on a plane… Those two are about the only things that will get me out of bed without 50 alarms ????????
  4. If I don’t get up I get yelled at (dude, who is yelling at you???)
  5. I look forward to reading your tips! I haul my arse out of bed to start work at 5am & omg it’s a struggle ???? On Tues I got up at 4.50am, got in my car & drove to McDonalds to get a cappuccino because coffee!!! Lots & lots of coffee..
  6. Alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off
  7. My boy makes a coffee as he leaves at 530, I sit up drink and ponder the day ahead xx
  8. The thought of early start, early to bed, especially now it’s electric blanket season x
  9. Honey , for me it’s knowing that I have started the day with “me “time where I have meditated and exercised .
    It’s a bit like eating healthy … Once you start to , you don’t enjoy the feeling of eating crap as much .
    And did you know that the most energy is held in that part of the day ??
  10. For me I get all my must-do and require-a-lot-of-brain stuff early in the morning as no one will disturb me and my brain works best. Also this means by the time the rest of the house wakes up I can participate with the feeling that I’ve accomplished a lot for the day! 🙂 (rather than complaining I still have a crap load to do)
  11. I can jump out of bed if I know I get a reward!’ My reason was a coffee down stairs and now that I can’t drink coffee I drag my ass out of bed and there is no reward for me to do so.
  12. A film shoot. My own film shoot! ????
  13. My kids…. they want their oats… quick sticks!
  14. I used to get other people to pick me up so I knew I had to get up????
  15. A nasty hang over gets me out of bed very early.
  16.  I only get out of bed that time if I really, really need a wee. So my top tip is to drink water every time you wake up during the night ????????
  17. I work at 5 am every day . For working out , an awesome alarm tone , a note to remind myself what I want n hang my gym clothes where I can see them In front of my vision board
  18. Cold shower and a scoop of pre workout ????
  19. Starting this week it’s been “The Rock clock”
  20. None. No one should be up that early ???? Unless you are going motorbike riding for the whole day
  21. My kids shouting in my face that they want to go downstairs! Always a winner ???? xx
  22. I set the most abnoxious sounding alarm right near my head and as soon as it goes off, I get up straight away. Lying there makes me start questioning why I’m waking up so god dam early and I start talking myself out of going to the gym
  23. My alarm tone is a song that I can’t help but sing along to. Switch it up from time to time.

I realised two things when I was reading all of your ideas.

Firstly, I am not alone in my love/hate relationship for getting up early and secondly, if someone shouted in my face when I didn’t get up I would fuck their shit up.

Look i’m going to be honest with you people ok. I don’t have the magic answer for how to get up early; I wish I did. But what I can say is we learn to adapt to our situation, to make the best of it and accept that even though it fucking sucks, getting up early may just be the best thing for us.

Cos you know, we have to get to work or feed our children or in my case, workout so our anxiety doesn’t get the best of us which sometimes doesn’t happen at night if you finish work late.

Or choose to snuggle…no…big strong bear hug your boyfriend instead.

So i’ll make a promise to you ok?

I’m going to start getting up early, because I know deep down it’s good for me.




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6 responses to “How To Make Early Mornings Your Bitch”

  1. Carly Evans says:

    It’s defo harder getting up at 5am now it’s cold and dark!! BUT it’s still never as cold and dark as the UK 🙂 sucks to be them haha… so my tip would be my sunrise alarm clock which takes half an hour to gradually light up until it’s lit up the whole room. If that doesn’t help sleep nekkid, put your phone alarm in your bathroom and run cold and nekkid to it haha that’ll wake you up! I find a big glass of cold water wakes me up too (drink it, don’t chuck it on you… although that would work too!

    • emmalouise says:

      Pahahahaaaaaa I love your tips!!!!!! I am totally going to try the naked one you know, genius!!

  2. Sita says:

    I’m 100% a morning person! 😛
    We’re rare… but I love how I can spend the rest of the day with fun things rather than be stuck working…

    • emmalouise says:

      I want to become one of your tribe Sita ha! You are all so fresh and bubbly and have tackled the world head on whilst the rest sleeps. Bit awesome x

  3. Mat says:

    HAHA… awesome post Em! I relate.

    Ok, so i made the ‘mistake’ of choosing a career that means i have to appear happy to be up before the sun. Problem being – i’m not so much into getting out of a warm bed when its clearly still night time. So how do i do it? I rely on the fact my brain is on the super go slow at 430am and throw myself out of bed and into a bowl of coffee before my brain can take stock of whats going on.

    • emmalouise says:

      Haha yeyyyyy i’m so happy to read this Mat! It means that if you can do it, anyone can! Perhaps I should treat myself to some lavish new coffee beans and a mug to make the experience extra special..?

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