How I Lost My Unwanted Weight

Whoever created the cabbage soup diet is a moron.

Didn’t stop you from trying it though did it Emma?


I’ve tried just about every diet going in my short 29 (soon to be 30 eeeek) years of life and to be fair some weren’t too bad. I particularly enjoyed the Baby Food diet because those pureed apples are DE-LISH! I’d happily pop them in a baking tray with some almond meal crumble and top with cream.

A jar isn’t much for a growing girl mind you.

But let’s talk about the three years of my life I was able to maintain a healthy, steady weight and how I did it.

Was it through calorie counting, zero carbs, a meal delivery system or selling a kidney?

None of the above.

It was by no longer OBSESSING or COMPARING.

Obsessing over everything I ate, what time I should eat it and if a food was good or bad. Weighing myself weekly to make sure I didn’t creep over a set weight and googling celebrities I liked the look of in my height range to confirm what they weighed.

Comparing myself to those around me, the girls on magazines or worse still my 18 year old self. Punishing myself for not being like them when we all have enough hours in the day and FFS what is wrong with you Emma, quit being so slack and pull your finger out. If you carry on the way you’re going no one will love you.

Obsession and comparison come from a place of self loathing, not self love and self love is so important because when our actions come from a place of love and not guilt, the energy isn’t forced. Forced energy will only take you so far; just ask anyone in a dead end job they’re not passionate about.

I’m not disagreeing that there’s a market out there for people to use the methods I described above and that’s ok too. Someone cutting weight for a fight may need to limit their cards and the busy single Mum could find great comfort in a healthy meal delivery service.

But what I will argue is that people need to get right in their own headspace first before they can have true success with creating and maintaining a healthy diet suitable for them and their needs.

Not Beyonce or Britney’s; YOURS.

And once you’ve tapped into this skill of mastering your own bodies’ needs, in both a curious and healthy way, well it paves the way for greater things. More truths are uncovered.

My body doesn’t enjoy steak – I’ll leave it out for now

Sugar makes me crazy – see ya

Alcohol makes me regret my decisions – I should just leave my phone at home from now on

And so you automatically make these changes from a place of love and understanding and it’s fucking awesome because you’re not fighting your body anymore! You’re besties!

And besties don’t compare or obsess over one another. They do things like obsess over Channing Tatum.

Don’t we all?


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4 responses to “How I Lost My Unwanted Weight”

  1. Sita says:

    Great post! I totally agree that none of us should obsess or compare. Just listen to your body and you’ll find that you have the answer all along! 🙂

  2. Carly says:

    You had me at Channing Tatum ????????????

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