Short But Sweet

 Sugar is bad. Me not like sugar. This is why. 

It releases the same pleasure feeling in the brain that a cocaine user would get. 

If sugar could talk she would be a bitch, saying things like “You only remember the good times” and “You need me more than I need you”. Dam I hate it when she’s right.

She’s a slut too, putting out everywhere and in everything. And not just the things you’d expect of her either. Ham, salad dressings, yogurt, even bread! Hussy. 

When you break up with her she appears EVERYWHERE.

She’s that bad ex boyfriend you know is trouble and yet you keep going back for more. 

And just like that bad ex boyfriend who tries to sneak back into your life through your friends, sugar tries to sneak up on you in condiments and pasta sauce. The little devil.

She leaves you wanting more and when it all gets too much, you give in and go to PLEASURE TOWN!

PLEASURE TOWN never lasts though and hours later you’re left feeling like a fridge smacked you in the face.

So what do you do? You text that bitch and jump straight into bed with her! You, the shitty ex and those white crystals all bunk up and it’s a free for all.

So yeah, do yourself a favour and stay away from the white stuff kids. 

And your ex boyfriend.

And drugs. Thanks. 


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  1. LOL I’ve never had the courage to quit sugar! I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant though (apparently genetic and no fault of my own – that’s comforting haha). That was an interesting experience! I certainly had quite the education on the places sugar can sneak up on you. Maybe you should get a restraining order on that bitch! x

    • emmalouise says:

      Restraining order – love it ha!!! Did you have to make any changes with the gestational diabetes? x

  2. Absolutely loved reading this!

    I think staying away from sugar might be a little easier now knowing that the ‘slut’ more than likely will be carrying diseases and as much extra baggage as an ex-boyfriend!

    Have a lovely day gorgeous!

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