I Get Fired Several Times A Week

My head is EXHAUSTING.

I once thought that being sensitive meant i’d cry at every sad movie and struggle BIG time when my period hit.

Ok so this is true but the benefit of having the personality trait of a Highly Sensitive Person is that as much as I feel the bad harder than most, I also feel the good more too.

And that’s pretty awesome!!

Feeling love harder, happiness harder, even laughter harder. I’ll take that universe, thanks very much 🙂

That being said, a day spent in my brain can become ever so slightly out of hand…

Situation 1 – boss calls HSP into his office for friendly catch up chat
HSP Thought Process – I am going to get fired for that time 97 days ago I used an envelope to send a personal letter

Situation 2 – A friend of HSP cancels on dinner because she has had a hectic week at work and just needs some chill time
HSP Thought Process – What have I done wrong? Why doesn’t she like me?

Situation 3 – HSP loses Instagram or Facebook or Twitter followers because the content isn’t what they’re digging right now.
HSP Thought Process – I should probably quit while I’m ahead.

Situation 4 – HSP and boyfriend have a fight over nothing, they’re just both tired and snappy.
HSP Thought Process – We’re done for.

Situation 5 – HSP text message she sent to friend was read hours ago but still no reply.
HSP Thought Process – I’ll give it another hour and then message again to double check they she still likes me.

Situation 6 – HSP walks into the work kitchen and see’s a group of colleagues talking and giggling in low voices.
HSP Thought Process – I knew I shouldn’t have bought these shoes.

Situation 7 – HSP creates new recipe for the family and not every plate is cleared.
HSP Thought Process – that’s the last time I try something new the ungrateful shits.

Situation 8 – Police car happens to pull into the lane behind HSP
HSP Thought Process – They are in pursuit, I’m done for!!

Situation 9 – HSP buys Valentine’s Day card for BF that is full of cute words and rainbows. BF buys HSP Valentine’s Day Card that has jokes about farting.
HSP Thought Process – He’ll never propose.

Situation 10 – HSP misses fun get together due to unforeseen events.
HSP Thought Process – I will be blacklisted from every future gathering.

Situation 11 – Boss tries to call HSP out of work hours and leaves a voicemail requesting a call back.
HSP Thought Process – Seriously? Just end me now.

This post is dedicated to every person who has an HSP in their life and listens to their ramblings X


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  1. Oh, I hear you! Fellow HSP right here!!! I’m currently worrying about #10 right now. Wish me luck haha.

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