7 Tips For Being Single

Feeling a little lost and like love can’t find you? Have a read babes…

Tip 1 – Say yes! In the 5 months I was single I ended up at the Singapore Grand Prix watching Maroon 5, Bon Jovi and Pharrell Williams, with a housemate who’s more like a sister, improving my sparring and technique work by trying a new Muay Thai gym, exploring what Perth had to offer and growing my social circle of friends ten-fold. So in a nutshell I broadened my travel horizons, got fitter and have lots of new buddies for life! Say yes to opportunities extended your way because who knows where they might lead you. Could be fun right?

Tip 2 – Let it all out. If you’re newly single then chances are you might still be holding onto a little something something.. I spent the best part of a month crying each morning in my shower, repeating the words “you’ll be ok” over and over again. I allowed the feelings to rush over me and acknowledged how it was that I felt, then gave myself a gentle talking to and went about my life until I felt the need to cry again. I still remember the last time I cried over that breakup when I visited my family in the UK and the release I felt afterwards. Never once did I feel silly or ashamed for letting it out and by doing this I was able to prevent it from consuming me. So cry baby and eat some chocolate too.

Tip 3 – Love yourself more. You’re single now champion so take this opportunity to love yourself a little bit more because ya know what, you deserve it! Have a massage, paint, find a new book to read, book a trip away, shut off all social media and curl up on the couch with a few candles and watch your favourite trash TV. Do whatever it is that allows your soul to reconnect and relish in the fact that you just have you to love and focus on right now and it’s a gift from you to you. You may never again have the chance to do this as much as you can right now so spoil yourself.

Tip 4 – Get comfortable with being alone. Ahhh my favourite. I still remember the first few weeks of couch hopping at my friends and putting off that first night I was truly alone. Yes there were tears and yes there was most certainly wine to get me through but you know what? I love being alone!! Having the freedom to take a nap or pop some coconut oil in my hair whilst watching Vampire Diaires is utterly divine to me now and no way near as scary as I’d built up in my head. The part of newfound singledom I’d dreaded that most was the very part that made me a more centred person in life. Who knew?

Tip 5 – Take this opportunity to grow. More often than not you leave a relationship having learnt a thing or two about yourself and you’re thinking about ways you could do things differently in the future. Because let’s face it, none of us is perfect people *Channing Tatum is the only exception to the rule here* Allow a little time for self reflection but please avoid being too critical of yourself and approach it with the goal in mind of self development, not self destruction.

Tip 6 – Accept that what you’re going through now is part of a bigger picture. Look I’m not going to sugar coat it, being single does bring its moments of sadness and doubt. When will I meet him/her? Why is everyone else around me settling down? Why is Channing not responding to my tweets? I remember those moments like they were yesterday and they still have this way of bringing up uncomfortable butterflies in my stomach. But the Universe has this way of teaching us lessons, even when we don’t know we’re being schooled and there’s no other way of truly learning who you are and what you bring to this world than by actually being you. Sounds so simple huh? So embrace this lesson you’re living right now and remember that you’re awesome, sassy as fuck and when the right person comes along they’re going to see it too.

P.S. Tip 7 – Eat as much ice cream as you like. No one ever judges a single person eating lots of ice cream. Ever.


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