20 Things Girls Would Prefer A Guy Never Saw. Ever.

I’ve knocked this list up in 15 minutes with my girls Tamryn and Rhi whilst getting a foot massage in Bali. 

Can you please take a cheeky second just to be a little jealous of my current heaven situation? 

For me?

Anyways, our fourth member is on her way back home to Perth after what’s been an epic girl’s trip of pamper, food and lots of laughs. Needless to say this list is just one of the many giggles we’ve had.

Girls it’s inevitable that as you welcome a certain handsome someone into your life it’s going to come at a cost.

The cost of your dignity. 


20 Things Girls Would Prefer A Guy Never Saw. Ever.

1) Your crime scene tampon.

2) Shaving your underparts.

3) Pulling your leftover hair out the sink. Yes it’s all yours.

4) Farting.

5) Eating food off the floor (3 second rule!)

6) Eating food off their plate. Ok stealing, stealing food off their plate when they leave the table. 

7) Letting your dog lick your mouth. They’re like family ok!

8) Your cum face. Yep I wrote this! 

9) Taking your spanks off.

10) Taking your chicken fillets out.

11) Taking your hair extensions out.

12) Your self help books. 

13) Your group friend convo which has practically every subject covered off including girth size, bowel movements and oral requirements.

14) Your shopping receipts. Translation; proof of how much those shoes actually cost.

15) The people you stalk on Facebook.

16) Your nail clippings.

17) The inside of your car. 

18) That tupperwear that’s not been washed for uh, 5 days ish? Vom. 

19) Pimple popping.

20) Aaaannd im just gonna put it out there; skid marks. 

Too much? 


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4 responses to “20 Things Girls Would Prefer A Guy Never Saw. Ever.”

  1. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha OMG I had to laugh at so much of this!!! The crime scene tampon – no thank you! I hide that shit UNDER gross old food in the bin just so there isn’t even a glimpsing of the toilet paper tomb I made it.

    And my partner sure as hell ain’t seeing my room, group convo, or cum face (keep your head down there or I will cover my face with a pillow. YOU WILL NOT SEE IT)

    LOLOLOLOLOL so many truths

    • emmalouise says:

      LOL toilet paper tomb!!! God i’ve made a few of them ha. The things we do to save face hahahaha

  2. A few shockers but totally agree! Could you imagine a guys list?!!! Stoppit!!!! Lol! Your holiday looks amazing xx

    • emmalouise says:

      OMG Jo it doesn’t even bare thinking about haha! Although the guys probably wouldn’t care lol. My holiday was divine, back to reality today though! xx

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