Why The Fun Fitness Professionals Are Doing It Right


You have to be a people person if your intention is to cause them some pain.

I’ve spent the past few weeks trialling out a heap of new workouts thanks to ClassPass, DPGR and lululemon Athletica AUS and NZ and one thing that has stood out like a sore thumb is the interaction the coaches have with their students.

Sweat in and around my face, sore limbs and that weird grunting noise I make when the going gets tough aren’t the reasons I enjoy training as much as I do. It’s the social interaction with others INCLUDING the coach and the buzz I get from pushing my body to the max.

The best coaches are the ones who can take you out of your own head and make you laugh or at a bare minimum, have you working outside of your comfort zone with an enormous smile on your face. They’re the people who live and breathe what it is they teach and their sheer love for it shines through.

That’s frickin cool.

It’s cool to build your life’s work around your passion and it’s cool to want to share it with others. But the best teachers have something different, they have an edge; they guide and they push just the right amount.

In the space of 3 weeks I’ve ignored my fear of heights to hang upside down at Air Space North Air Yoga, learnt how to juggle at Inspired Movement in between some hideous 500m row sprints, I’ve jumped, rolled and fallen at Movement Co and quite literally whacked my arse into a stranger’s face (my bad Renee! You liked it really).

I’ve had more interaction with people in the health and fitness industry this past month than I have all of my years of training put together and I’ve noticed that they all have one thing in common.

Personality, bubbles, contagious enthusiasm and lots of fun, fun and more fun!

If you’re going to push me to my max then it’s better for us both if I actually like you. That way I won’t aim accidentally on purpose for you when I vomit.

Win win don’t you think?


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  1. Jessica Cole says:

    Looks like so much fun!

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