The Downside To Blogging


Its not all free coffees, brunches and invites to launches. With every good thing comes a little bad…

Losing followers. I un-follow people on an almost daily basis for reasons like their content not being in line with my interests or I simply don’t want my Insta-feed clogged up with so many accounts I can’t keep up and interact. But let’s be real, I think every blogger can take it ever so slightly to heart when they lose a follower or two. I mean seriously, why don’t you like me???

Cold food. For the love of Christ Emma can you not enjoy a nice meal without feeling the need to move everyone else’s cutlery into sight, stand up on your chair in public and quite literally remove the fork from your boyfriend’s mouth so he doesn’t ruin the perfect flat lay? Both embarrassing and dedicated all at once.

The fear of judgement. You share a little piece of yourself or write about a controversial topic and before you know it phrases like “band wagon” are being thrown at you. And I have to admit, I’ve thought it myself of other bloggers when it appears their posts haven’t come from a place of experience or honesty but that of gaining followers. Ultimately we all want to build our presence but I do think there’s a graceful and not so graceful way of going about this.

Negativity. The more you show of yourself and your life, the more open you are to negative feedback, a prime example of this being celebrities of course! That being said, you learn to laugh it off as that’s just a part of living and you’re always going to get that one person who feels the need to comment something unnecessary.

“Whoops” moments. Oh I had a golden one recently! The majority of my photos on Instagram are my own apart from quotes or regrams and I like to tie them in with different moments of my life as best I can. Well this particular morning I had gotten up to study before work so I wanted a picture to reflect an early start and unfortunately, my over shadowed picture of the Mac wasn’t cutting the mustard. So I chose to post a picture of a sunset instead thinking “oh well, the sun is the sun whether it’s rising or setting right?”. Uhhhh yeah, turns out nah. When I pointed out a comment someone had written to my housemate, she informed me that actually the sun only sets over the ocean in WA and doesn’t actually rise there. Lol, can I blame being English on that one??? I mean I wrote a #sunset under the pic so technically I HALF knew…

Bloggers misusing business’s trust and ruining it for others. I recently had brunch with a lovely girl who runs wellness retreats in Bali and was chatting to her about ways of increasing her social media presence. She happened to mention an awful experience she’d had with a lady who’d offered her blogger and photo services in exchange for a place on a trip. Said lady got THE best treatment at no cost to her only to write a relatively fluffy account of the retreat that included pictures she’d taken from a Facebook page AND to this day still hasn’t sent the “professional” photos she took. Because she is very busy apparently. Not cool. 

Keeping your worst critic at bay. YOU! ME! We’ve all spent hours scouring over the quality and layouts of other blogs and Instagram accounts only to be disappointed by our own. God forbid you forget to bring your expensive camera to an event and the trusty Iphone steps in because no one likes a grainy action shot. And for those of us who work full time it’s often a struggle trying to find the right balance of blog, work, exercise, eating and ya know, all things life! How does Beyonce do it???

All of the above taken into consideration, I wouldn’t stop blogging anytime soon. It’s my little creative corner of the internet and I’ve met some wicked individuals, received touching notes about my words and attended some fun events.

And besides, there can be negativity in almost anything you do, even some of your favourite things such as eating! Like when your food comes and it’s cold.

That is so upsetting.


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6 responses to “The Downside To Blogging”

  1. Haha! My husband is so used to me photographing our food now. He knows not to start eating until I’m done. Trained him well LOL 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Well said! I couldn’t agree more, blogging isn’t for everyone – but for those who do and pour their hearts into it, the reward of creating is enough.

  3. Anna says:

    As per usual Emma, you are speaking to my soul. Great post.

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