30 Reasons Being Single Is A Good Thing

I froth over a good love story as much as the next girl but let’s get real for a second.

Being single isn’t a failure. 

Being single isn’t shameful. 

Being single is fucking awesome!

And here’s 30 reasons why…

1) Star fishing in bed
2) Not having to deal with a boyfriend’s insecurity about the size of your vibrator. It was the only size they had, I swear…
3) The money saved on waxing
4) No pee on the floor
5) Granny pants are acceptable daily attire
6) You get to channel your inner Samantha and your dating life becomes the one your friends live vicariously through.
7) No “so when are you going to think about getting married and having a baby?” conversation to endure
8) Chick flicks and rom coms 24/7
9) No sports channel. Ever.
10) Your toilet seat left down.
11) Full use of all household wardrobes.
12) Single friend privileges i.e. first invite to all of your friends get togethers
13) Extra money for gifts at Christmas. Gifts for you. Obs.
14) Only one set of washing up to do each night and whenever you feel like doing it sister!
15) Dating just for the sheer hell of it. A girls gotta eat right?
16) No pretending to like that one friend who reminds you of the scary child from The Omen.
17) No worry of said scary friend coming after you, he has the BF all to himself now…
18) Taking as long as you like in the bathroom.
19) No fear of doing a number 2. Not that we do that of course, it’s just an urban legend. We sprinkle glitter when we go to the toilet.
20) No fight over the last word in an argument.
21) No awkward giggle or flushed face that first time you fart in front of him. *TIP* pretend it was someone else.
22) As many babies as you like – food babies!
23) That wave of emotion that washes over you when you feel it your very core; I am enough and I don’t need a man to define me. I am awesome.
24) Beyonce’s “Run The World” was made for YOU babes!
25) Lots of that “butterfly in my tummy feeling” because I might just meet the person of my dreams and fall in love tomorrow, who knows?!
26) That sense of self accomplishment when you perform DIY tasks on your own like changing the fire alarm battery by climbing on 3 cushions and a chair. Who run the world?
27) No compromise on the home décor.
28) Time to practise self love and put yourself first more often.
29) The freedom to up and move life/town/country! England to Perth anyone?
30) More time to pick out one hell of an engagement ring. Just kidding 😉 


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4 responses to “30 Reasons Being Single Is A Good Thing”

  1. Rachel says:

    I love a good list!! And I love this list especially and thought of a few of my own while reading this…
    1. Not having to pretend to be interested in the horse power of a particular truck or greyhound racing or the Godfather movies 🙁
    2. Being able to go off on my own little adventures without having to check first with the bf
    3. Not having to share my dessert!!!! 🙂

  2. Nodding my head remembering my singleton days and living alone. Loved being independent!! It’s a great time to look after yourself well! And like you said – the thought of possible butterflies in the tummy when you do meet someone new sure is a good feeling to fall asleep to each night ❤️

    • emmalouise says:

      It brought back memories for me too when I was writing it. So much good can come from being single 🙂

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