21 Things I’ve Learnt About Men


It was the BF’s birthday on Sunday and we did some cute stuff like go skateboard shopping and eat breakfast and it got me thinking.

I’ve learnt a thing or two about guys in my young 29 years of life…

1) Most have seen more penis than us ladies. Not in an experimental way but more a showering in the gym after a session and letting it all hang loose cos nothing to hide here sorta way.

2) Their bathroom regime is getting longer.

3) Boy time enables their soul to sing. And I’m talking full on guy time that involves booze, banter and girl scoring.

4) They can give the bitchiest of girls a run for their money.

5) Pack mentality is something to be reckoned with. The dynamic shifts when his fellow wolves are around.

6) It’s deemed acceptable for them to use your cosmetics or in my case, a MooGoo lip balm and Simple Moisturiser. Boys get chapped lips too ladies, who knew?

7) It is NEVER a good time to have a conversation with them about your weight.

8) Or your period.

9) Shoes are a necessity, not an addiction.

10) They’re either a bum or boob lover although you wouldn’t hear the word “no” to a cheeky grope of either.

11) Contrary to what the movies portray, most don’t want to fall asleep snuggling.

12) NEVER say snuggling in front of the wolf pack.

13) They’d rather we didn’t order a salad only to eat their fries.

14) The Notebook doesn’t have the same affect on them.

15) They’re comfortable enough to share your bathroom lightyears ahead of you! And feel no need to flush the toilet when going for a wee to drown out the noise.

16) They’ll use 8 words to say what we do in 25. Some of these words include grunts.

17) Chocolate and ice-cream isn’t an emotional crutch.

18) Letting them think they came up with an idea every once in a while will help your relationship no end.

19) They have feelings too. Expressing them, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game.

20) They save hundreds, even thousands a year on haircuts compared to us. 

21) Their decision on what shampoo to buy is based on the fact they saw the word “shampoo” written on a bottle somewhere. Not the quality, colour care or promise of thicker locks. That’s if they even use a shampoo of course… 



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4 responses to “21 Things I’ve Learnt About Men”

  1. Alice says:

    This is SO true, every single one of them! I enjoyed going through them! Alice xx


  2. Glowless says:

    Day to day my husband takes longer in the bathroom getting ready than I do. It’s only if we’re going out properly that I take a bit longer!

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