Would Life Be Any Easier As A Man? 

Ok so firstly this photo has nothing to do with the post but ya know, I just love it when a selfie comes together!

So anyway…

Sometimes I wonder if life would be any easier having a penis. 

I mean I love shopping for shoes and having my hair done all sassy and stuff but the opportunity to be a guy for the day and do that windmill action with my thing sort of appeals to me. It might be fun right?

The girl part in me would probably take a selfie too #sizedoesmatter

And then I get to thinking about whether the male species obsess over their weight at much as we do. Do they ever turn up that piece of cake for fear of its sugar content or have “fat days” where everything you try on makes you want to gauge your own eyes out and pop the lid on that family tub of Raspberry Ripple.

From what my boyfriend tells me the answer is most likely no.

Holy cow we put an extortionate amount of pressure on ourselves don’t we girls? I mean for goodness sake our bodies carry babies! We literally make a tiny human inside of us and create life and yet something as simple as trying on a new dress can feel like a life or death situation.

An astonishing amount of our day can be filled with negative thoughts which aren’t helped by scrolling through image after image on Instagram, comparing ourselves to the photo shopped beauties we see just a teeny tiny split second of.

If my boyfriend ever pointed out the size comparison between him and a model on social media, I’m not sure whether I would laugh uncontrollably or slap him for being so silly. Probably both.

C’mon girls!

I say screw the scale and take note of how the men are doing it. They may drive us nuts on occasion but they sure know how to inhale an ice cream without feeling guilty. I bet they don’t stop to enter the calories into My Fitness Pal either. 

Let’s acknowledge the admiration for all of the beautiful people around us but not let it determine our mood for the day, let’s be grateful that our generation is working to change the misconception that beauty comes in just one package and let’s EAT that bloody piece of cake because you know what?

Being a girl is friggin awesome! Period bloat and all.


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2 responses to “Would Life Be Any Easier As A Man? ”

  1. Hayley says:

    Love this Emma! So true. If my bf ever pined over a guy’s body on Instagram I would be like WTF?, yet I do it all the time!
    They also don’t have to give a shit about untidy brows, manicured nails (but men with long nails = don’t fucking touch me), or uneven eyeliner. But they do have to worry about balls, and I’m glad a pounding in our privates doesn’t floor us in seconds 🙂

    Hayley x

    • emmalouise says:

      Haha can you imagine Chaz doing this?! Haha no chance of ball punching is definitely a pro x

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