19 Things That Annoy Me About Perth

Oh Perth you little babe you!

There’s no two ways about it – I friggin LOVE you!!! That being said though, there are a few teeeeeeeny tiny things that annoy me…

  1. Mosquitos. My type is lean with muscles, there’s is white girl.
  2. 44 degree days; not fun. There’s the risk of spontaneous human combustion every time I make a mad dash from my car aircon to the office.
  3. Drivers and their lack of manners and basic understanding of what the hell is around them. Seriously people, quit trying to merge into my driver’s seat!
  4. No seperate billing at restaurants. So who’s bright idea was this one then? You and I should meet.
  5. The afternoon wind at the beach. I hate you.
  6. The price of a side of avocado. Mental.
  7. The taste of chocolate. Apparently a chemical is put in it to stop it from melting? This is seriously dangerous Cadburys – hasn’t anyone warned you about the risk of getting on the wrong side of a hormonal woman.
  8. TV ad breaks in movies. All 37 of them.
  9. Summer thigh chaffing.
  10. Huntsman spiders. Enough said.
  11. The. Cost. Of. Everything.
  12. Winter hibernation. Where does everyone disappear to?!
  13. That noise the crows make.
  14. The isolation. There’s only so many times you can go to Bali in a year.
  15. People wearing no shoes in public to the shops. I can see your toe hair.
  16. Sharks.
  17. Medical care. I now get the added bonus of paying for a smear test. Delightful.
  18. Those girls who run past me on West Coast Highway looking like Lorna Jane models.
  19. Man boobs. Low slung singlets aren’t made for every body shape guys #moobs

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5 responses to “19 Things That Annoy Me About Perth”

  1. andrea lewin says:

    Lol so true! every point

  2. Haha I definitely concur on the cost of everything and the isolation.
    I also want to add having everything on TV spoilt on social media by the east coast constantly! I know there’s a debate raging about it (“Don’t look at social media then dummies!”) but it’s still annoying to know everything last.

    • emmalouise says:

      Haha i’m yet to experience that problem but it’s probably because I spend less time watching tv and use Netflix so I avoid adverts!

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