Will Burpee For French Fries

When someone says to me “10 burpees!” I immediately think of 2 things…

Number 1 – I hope my shorts don’t go up my arse


Number 2 – dinner is going to get NAILED tonight

We each get one body and it is our responsibility, our duty in fact, to take care of it. But with so many diets, ways of eating, exercises, wellness plans, nutritionists and personal trainers served up with thousands of conflicting opinions, how do we know what’s right for us as an individual?

Well it’s simple really; trial and error.

We weren’t born knowing what fashion trend was going to take our fancy or what sport we would launch ourselves into. We try different things, see what we like, make mistakes, make a few more and then happen upon something. We start to tune out from the noise around us, listen to our own body and make decisions based on that.

None of us needs a label to fit in. The beauty of life is that whilst our mechanics are the same and we all came into this world the same way, via the stork obs, we are amazingly unique.  One size does not fit all and it’s about time we embrace this way of living and live a life that’s best suited to us.

And for me this is balance.

I will always shout from the rooftops about the importance of nourishing the body with whole foods, moving ourselves via daily exercise and taking time to just be still. But I will shout equally as loud about the importance of peanut MnM’s on a cosy night in or drunken nights filled with laughter and friends.

Because in my opinion, health, fitness and well-being go hand in hand with a cosmopolitan cocktail.


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