Meet Heidi Anderson from hit92.9

I say the word “meet” lightly because if you live in Perth and don’t know who Heidi is, well, uhhhhhh, have you been living under a rock people?

She’s the all round girl next door who alongside Will and Woody has me laughing on my way to work most mornings. But all humour aside, what I like most about Heidi is her take on positive body image.

She isn’t afraid to talk about her own body battles and is often at the forefront of wellness related events such as The Happiness Project and Naked Yoga.

Her honesty towards her journey is beyond refreshing and a rawness to her words makes it easy to relate. Can you remember the last time you picked apart your own body? A time you thought something negative towards the way you looked?

It’s a battle many of us face and having people like Heidi in the public eye means being privy to the actions of a positive role model.

So naturally I just HAD to ask if she’d feature on the blog seeing as we both have strong beliefs regarding the power of self love, a kick arse workout and a cheeky wine (or two).



Question 1 – tell us about a typical day in the life of Heidi and how you make time to be healthy?

4am – get up and get ready
4.45am – get to work / read news websites / drink instant coffee
5.15am – eat breaky / oats & berries with soy milk & have show meeting
6am-9am show mode baby!
9.15am – eggs & veggies
Then onto more meetings
12 – gym / boxing PT
After lunch – catch up with my boyfriend who works FIFO / walk along the coast, chill or watch our current fave TV series


Coffee / walk / catch up with the girls
Some nights are spent at my besties yoga studio or at work functions
Then it’s an early dins and bed by 8/9 pm


Question 2 – you’ve spoken about the struggles you’ve had with weight and body insecurities in the past. How did that affect your every day life?

I’m a work in progress now so I’m pretty happy with where I am mentally & physically. In the past it made me very anxious, obsessive & unhappy.

I would take hours to get ready, trying on different outfits, speaking to myself so horribly & then sometimes not even go out. I never used to show my arms. I hated myself & got drunk & slept with random guys to make myself feel better.

I have fluctuated with my weight my entire life & during my early teens I had an eating disorder. If you want more info you can read here


Question 3 – a part of your life is spent in the public eye – how do you combat some of the negative impact the mainstream media can have?

I try not to read into comments or compare myself. I’ve spent too many years doing that & it only brought me misery. As my mum would say “this is you, deal with it!”

I have the most amazing family & a mother & father who always told me I was beautiful inside & out. We never ever judged people in our family. My friends & my lover James are an amazing support & I now believe them when they say I look super amazing.

I’ve grown up too. Getting older & better with age, being fit & healthy means you feel fucking hot in your skin!!!


Question 4 – you’ve put together some amazing concepts in the past few years. What does it mean to you to be a positive role model?

It makes me very happy – it honestly warms my insides. If I can reach one person & help them make a difference or change in their lives then I’m doing my job. Being able to use my job for a positive platform is one of the reasons I’m here 🙂


Question 5 – what advice would you have for a girl starting out on their weight loss/health journey?

Don’t obsess firstly! Get out of your head. Enjoy the journey by learning all about health & nutrition. See a dietitian and don’t try every diet. Enlist your friends to be your champion & surround yourself with positive people. Get a PT to educate yourself on fitness.

Don’t think about the scales – I’ve gone by clothes & measurements for my own insanity.

Don’t drink so much red wine! Ha ha well that one is for me…


Question 6 – what are your current favourite workouts and why?

I love boxing with my friend & PT Renae. We gossip & box & it’s a bloody brill work out. I love the stress relief & adrenalin rush.

I enjoy Bootcamp as it’s always different & then I use the gym to do circuits I create myself to change it up. It’s all high intensity.


Question 7 – if you could speak to a teenage Heidi, what would you say to her?

Get out of your head & into your body. My mum says it to me all the time. Care for your body and the moment you do that you’ll start loving it. Don’t bloody smoke & don’t sleep with guys to feel good about yourself – you can do that by training & eating healthy.

I think a positive body image is something we have to work at continuously but with people like Heidi in the mix, perhaps we can learn to accept and perhaps even appreciate our little muffin top.

After all, it’s pretty ace to be living right now. 

And you’re sorta special.



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  1. Leah Bowman says:

    This is an awesome interview with Heidi. I was lucky enough to of met her a few times when she worked at Hot FM Bunbury, and the change in her is so fantastic to see & hear. She is an inspiration to many and it’s great that she is happy with herself now, we all saw how beautiful she is, now she can see it too. Heidi is beautiful inside & out. Thank you Emma – Louise xx

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