20 Things I Learnt in 2015


Flash! Blink and you missed it!

2015 went by so quickly I still can’t quite believe another year has passed. I’m also currently taking bets with myself as to how many times i’ll write 2015 incorrectly in my notepad.

For me, no year goes by without a few mistakes and some heartache but I still choose to think back on what I learnt.


  1. Justin Bieber is back. And i’m a mother fucking bielieber. God dam you and you school boy abs Biebs.
  2. Cellulite doesn’t define who I am as a person.
  3. The importance of non toxic people in your life and not being afraid to let go. Not every friendship is built for life and that’s ok.
  4. Periods can still catch you off guard. And your underwear.
  5. Forgiveness sets you free.
  6. Learning to enjoy your own time is the single best gift you can give yourself. Fact.
  7. Close girlfriends are the sisters you never had.
  8. A wine hangover is the Voldemort of all hangovers.
  9. Other people’s choices are not a personal reflection on you.
  10. Not everyone’s view on love is the same.
  11. Good people make bad choices. How you react to those choices inevitably forces you to grow as an individual.
  12. The mess a baby can leave in its nappy is disgustingly impressive.
  13. Girls really do talk more than guys, 13,000 words A DAY more in fact! Probably why we tend to win more arguments 😉
  14. I’m getting old. Old in the sense that an injury lingers around for slightly longer and i’m concerned about the impact certain choices of birth control can have.
  15. I still don’t understand the iCloud. Still.
  16. Ideas are my jam! Executing them; not always so much. This is a focus of mine for 2016.
  17. The Walking Dead is phenomenal! And if Glen is dead I may just cry a little.
  18. Moving gyms feels as big and scary as moving schools or a job, no matter how old you are.
  19. A decent sports bra is worth the cost.
  20. Those headphones designed for runners? Yeah they still fall out when you’re running. FFS.

Now go smash out your 2016 you!


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  1. Amanda says:

    Love it! I got new running headphones for christmas and was hoping they stay in lol

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