20 Things A Girl Really Means When She Says To A Boy…



  1. It’s ok – translation – you will pay.
  2. How do I look? – translation – tell me I look amazing regardless or I will fuck your shit up.
  3. I’ll just have a salad please baby – translation – i’ll plough into your fries.
  4. Your new co-worker is pretty – translation – if that snake touches you i’ll shave off her eyebrows
  5. What do you want to do tonight baby? – translation – I have our evening activities already planned out but i’ll let you think you chose them.
  6. What shall we eat? – translation – please take this responsibility away from me before I get too hangry and say something I might regret.
  7. I’m never normally like this on a first date – translation – wanna come upstairs?
  8. Of course i’m happy with a small gathering of just our close friends and family – translation – know what’s good for you and marry me in a castle bitch.
  9. I’ll be ready in 5 minutes – translation – crack open a beer babe, i’m just getting started.
  10. I’m sorry (too) – translation – I’m really not but I’ll take it on the chin this time because I love you.
  11. Do you think she’s good looking? – translation – say yes and feel the wrath of Voldemort.
  12. I’m happy with something small for my birthday baby – translation – an engagement ring is small.
  13. Baby can you please not make such a mess of the bathroom – translation – if I step in your pee once more you’re going to wear it. 
  14. I’m having a fat day – translation – be a smart boyfriend and tell me I look skinny or I’ll feed you my Jimmy Choo.
  15. Netflix and chill? – translation – Netflix and chill?
  16. Do you love me more than sport? – translation – do you value your life?
  17. Can I…? – translation – just say yes
  18. Have you…? – translation – do it now.
  19. Which outfit looks better? – translation – your response is irrelevant because I am going to wear the first one I tried on 35 minutes ago.
  20. I’m fine – translation – run.

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4 responses to “20 Things A Girl Really Means When She Says To A Boy…”

  1. hannah says:

    The last one is just perfect haha!

  2. Anna says:

    Haha Emma, this is hilarious. I just shared it to my whatsap convo with my girls. xx

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