19 Things That Have Happened To A Girl During Sex

1) Let’s just kick this off shall we – fanny farts. Look we’re all friends ok!

2) That mad dash to the bathroom before the stuff falls out. And it always does.

3) Wondering if it’s in yet.

4) Not being in the mood and doing it anyway #fakeittillyoumakeit

5) Getting disappointed when it actually doesn’t taste like pineapple.

6) Kicking yourself for eating that second helping of dessert.

7) Thinking if he goes any harder you’re going to wet yourself.

8) Attempting the deed in the shower. Feeling super sassy. Face-planting the wall.

9) Having to give the guy a bra 101 after 5 minutes of struggle.

10) Crying in the foetal position because it came out and slipped back into a place no thing should ever go. Ever.

11) That awkward moment you have to reach inside to grab a condom that’s left there.

12) Teeth clash. So hot.

13) That crusty towel that can stand on its own.

14) Hair all up in your face whilst you’re trying to give him a good time.

15) Cringe worthy sex talk. “Yes baby, I do love it baby. Do me like a rodeo!”

16) The rough “back of the head” push. If I wanted it in my mouth already it would be there.

17) The cheeky one finger slip. Perhaps ask my permission first? Any hole is not a goal.

18) Having to comfort your partner after he sees the size of your vibrator. It was the only size they had I swear babe!

19) Making the unanimous decision to try sex at the end of your period. Having THE best time, looking like you’ve slayed a small village.

Muffins! What would number 20 on your list be? Comment below and feel a bit naughty hehe… 

Massive thank you to Bella of Peaches for Bee for this gorgeous post photo Xx 


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4 responses to “19 Things That Have Happened To A Girl During Sex”

  1. 20. Pubic flossing! I keep myself hairless at all times, the least you can do is trim!

    21. Returning after a public quicky and knowing everyone can smell the sex on you.

    22. Keeping your cool when going face to face with one that doesn’t fit the standard model

    23. Remembering which name to shout

    24. When you forget the lube

    25. Having to have the ‘this really isn’t working for me’ chat

    26. Lock jaw

    27. “What do you mean your not into bondage?”

    28. Getting caught out in your granny knickers

    29. “I know you saw it in a magazine but I guarantee my body will not bend that way”

    30. Finding the perfect balance between pleasure and pain when taking care of the testicles

    ???????????? Peaches xx

  2. Sarah Porter says:

    Love it! They all made me laugh – especially No 13!!! xxx

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