Fitness Isn’t Just Abs in a Crop Top

Girls hold on to your Lulu Lemon pants because I’m about to get real for a second.

Selfies in your leggings and sports bras DOES NOT make you an athlete. Or a fitness expert or a #fitness #fitspo #allthefitsicanfitinonepost because this is not real life.

Yes of course there are the genuine females amongst us who smash training daily and want to show off their hard earned results. You scroll through the accounts and they talk about their healthy habits, tasty meals, spread messages of positivity and their journey is an authentic one. They ooze inspiration and it can be hard to not drool over the honed abs at times.

And I find myself as equally drawn to this new movement of woman promoting a “no one size fits all” approach to health and happiness and feel proud to be a part of a generation that is changing its views on body image. The stigma attached to beauty only coming in small sizes is making its way out!

No my pet hate is the group of girls others have already started to ridicule via videos such as Activewear (absolute gold btw) or the girls posing in fabric for a like.

Uhhhhh #activewearnoidea

YOU ANNOY ME. There, I said it.

If I want to see photos of pretty people in workout gear I’ll pop into Lorna Jane and look at the walls thanks.

Girls I want to see pictures of your hair looking like sh*t because you just finished a bad ass strength circuit or went 5 rounds on the pads. I want videos of you dead lifting or smashing out hill sprints. Throw in an after work out sweaty group shot with friends and I’ll love you even more – nothing beats a social session with sore legs and some muesli 🙂

Ladies it’s our chance in life to live our message so don’t let it be “I’m super dreamy in my skin tight leggings so please follow my page”.

Be better than that.

And on that note I’d like to leave you with four women who inspire me fitness wise and the reasons why.
Jenna Harvey

Beautiful inside and out, this pocket rocket is a dear friend and someone I admire for her everyday balanced approach to health and fitness. She came from a dancer’s background and turned her hand to compete in Muay Thai a few years ago. She trains hard but has fun with it and I love witnessing her change in attitude when a fight comes up. It’s a delight to be able to inhale a cooked breakfast with a side of cookies with her one day and then watch her dedication in the ring the next.

Caley Reece 

Yeah she doesn’t really need much introduction does she? A retired Muay Thai world champion, Riddlers Gym Owner and avid cross fit lover, the part I admire most is the road to recovery she has spoken openly about since shoulder surgery alongside the seminars she now holds. Spreading a positive message, Caley uses her influence in the fitness world for good, isn’t afraid of some hard work and is a positive role model.

Natalie Morrison

Another force to be reckoned with, this Mum of two believes in health and fitness so much so she launched her own Sport’s Luxe Range Acron Threads earlier this year. My admiration for Nat went through the roof when she recently posted a picture of her body after her latest birth discussing the “not so pretty side” of pregnancy. Raw, honest and totally real. If she’d have been wearing Lorna Jane shorts I don’t think there’s a person out there who would have noticed.

Dawn Taylor AKA My Mum 

This one. Mid 50’s and doing kettle bell swings with me when I visit home showing no signs of slowing down. As she gets older she looks for new ways of improving her fitness and also being mindful of a few injuries she’s sustained. All whilst running her own business Dawn Taylor Beauty and listening to my life dramas. She’s pretty spectacular. Plus she made me so…

Who inspires you and why?


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