Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians under the age of 44?

Anyone who knows me personally is no stranger to the fact I am one anxious little lady.

And if you’re super lucky then you’ve been privy to one of my “talk to myself for an hour conversations” whilst you watch on as I produce mounds of word vomit and hash out various scenarios before switching off after I’ve mentally exhausted myself.

Those are fun.

In any one given day I can convince myself that I’m a) about to be fired b) close to being deported back to the UK or c) not good enough for the current activity/experience/task that I’m involved in.

It’s an ongoing gut wrench I’ve learnt to manage over the years and most likely something I’ll struggle with forever insert upside down smile emoticon.

So as you can imagine, mental health is something I feel very passionately about and I’m delighted to say that I am supporting a local charity here in WA.

zero2hero is a WA charity providing school-based programs for children and young people to develop their understanding of mental health issues and awareness of mental health services. zero2hero’s vision is that every child and young person is educated and empowered to effectively deal with mental health issues.

Each year zero2hero reaches over 70,000 young people and has trained more than 180 mental health ambassadors in suicide first aid.

My mission is to complete 100 workouts in the next 50 days, raising as much money as I can for this outstanding cause. Exercise is one of the ways I keep a healthy mind so it fits perfectly! Expect plenty of variety from hikes to Muay Thai to dance classes to swimming to yoga and everything else in between.

You can follow the journey on my Instagram account @relatablemissrenton and check in on the blog Christmas Eve for the challenge wrap up and a cheeky YouTube video of the highlights!

If you would like to make a donation (pretty please with cherries on top) click here to be directed to the My Cause webpage.

Here’s to giving those negative thoughts the middle finger.



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