Girl Code

Oh hey sponge muffins! Today I turn 29 and you know what that means???

Life reflection!

Recently a situation (or two) arose in my life where I no longer believed in the existence of girl code or a secret respect that ran amongst us. It appeared everything and everyone was a free for all and girls were more keen to tear each other down than bring each other up.

And yes, I won’t sugar coat this ladies, there are those like this amongst us. The chick you can’t quite put your finger on because one minute she’s your best friend and the next barely acknowledging you or the girl who puts down your latest crush only for you to find out she’s been texting him too.

Too many times I been in/heard of situations similar to these and it makes my soul ache.

Where is the sisterhood?! Where are all my ladies at singing Beyonce’s “Run The World” in unity???!

And then I realised.

They’re the group of girls i’ve formed a bond with at work; the ones that rush to my desk when they can see i’m upset or send me sweet emails with funny memes. The housemate who asks me to bunk up in her bed for the third night in a row because our hearts are a little bit sore over boy woes. The bosses wife who tells me to never harden and change who I am because I always try to see the good in someone and put their feelings before mine, even though it sometimes lands me with a pie in my face. The girls over thousands of miles away who still manage to lift my spirits even with the 12 hour time difference or the strong females at the gym who regularly kick me in the face and then spend the next minute laughing with me about it. They’re the faces who pop into my life for even just 5 minutes when the Universe sees that I need a little nudge in the right direction and they know just the right thing to say.
These are the kick arse women I admire and strive to be more like on a daily basis. These are the girls I’m so proud of and grateful to have in my life. And these are the new generation of females who don’t take strength from other’s downfalls; they encourage and inspire and they ooze class.

Girl power is something to be reckoned with and you, my friends, are incredible.

Who runs the world? Girls.


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2 responses to “Girl Code”

  1. Em says:

    Fist bump!

    Hope your day was beautiful Em xx

  2. Hayley says:

    Great post spongecake!
    Can’t wait for birthday drinky-poos!

    Hayley xx