Life Goals Anyone??

Three months have come and gone and during that time a few major events have come and gone with them.

And now as I sit here after a whirlwind period of going through the motions of a break up, overhauling my little home into a girls paradise and travelling to the other side of the world for my best friend’s wedding and back again (with a cheeky trip in between to see Adam Levine and his shoulders of course), I. Am. Exhausted.

These are Emma’s goals.

1) Finish eBook before the year is up

2) Start vlogging

3) Train little butt off and work towards first Muay Thai fight

And these are on top of working, playing, saving, napping, eating, breathing and all the other basics that go into creating ya know, a life.

Is it bad to admit that at times I get overwhelmed? Working towards goals is an amazing process but it’s also a daunting one. Will I reach my goals in the timeframe I want or will I be disappointed when I don’t? Or once I reach them and have no idea what to sink my teeth into next, will boredom set in? In fact what happens if I don’t achieve them at all?! That would be awkward.

And then I gave myself a slap in the face.

Because sometimes the best goals we achieve are the ones we never set out to in the first place.

Let’s get real shall we; sobbing like a kid who just found out Santa wasn’t real and bunking up with friend’s because my own apartment made me blubber wasn’t quite what I’d planned for the month of July but guess what? Guilty!

Revamping my already cosy apartment and opening the doors to someone new scared the bejesus out of me because OMG what if she doesn’t approve of my Nutella addiction or we don’t like the same wine and the wine rack doesn’t have enough room for all of the wine bottles and we have to create a wine rack rota??? And yet now I see how I’ve missed out on all of those uni years when you share cheese and crackers with your BFF’s and gossip about all things life, boys and periods.

And a trip back home to my family after heartache could have gone one of many different ways and in fact all it did was solidify for me where my home now is and remind me of what a fantastically lucky girl I am to have amazing people scattered all over.

1) Move on

2) Move friend in and make new home

3) Move to Perth. For real. Head and heart all in

These are Emma’s goals she just smashed without ever taking a second to slow down and realise it.

So there’s no doubt in my mind the rest will follow suit.

Here’s to winning at life all those times we didn’t even know we were doing it.

Cheers to us!


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2 responses to “Life Goals Anyone??”

  1. Michelle says:

    Love it! I have tears in my eyes.. (Not sure why) you are so right… Realize the goals you have achieved without realising.
    Love you