Social Media is The Opposite of Being Social


Is it not ironic that social media in fact creates a negative impact on your social life?

As a blogger I sometimes (very often) find myself scrolling through other Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and just about every other social platform there is and before I know it an hour has gone past and all i’ve managed to achieve is well, nothing really.


Sure it’s great to connect with others like me and congratulate on an awesome blog post or talk about oh my god where did you get THOSE shoes from but uh, where have the days gone when I would tie a skipping rope to the back of my bike onto a skateboard and haul my friend along down the street? Or what about meeting a guy at face value at a neighbours birthday and not by swiping right? Casual sex is something you can arrange at the push of a button and God help you if you ever admit to someone you don’t even own a Facebook account. “So, uh, are you like a Mormon or something? Do you like, even own a colour TV??”.

I’m not saying any of this is wrong and in fact, a lot of the friendships I made when I first moved to Australia were by meeting people and then adding them on Facebook. I literally stalked friend’s lists to see who I recognised and to get myself out there! And for those of us that have crossed the globe, I think you can join me in saying social media is an absolute babe when it comes to keeping in contact with loved ones and friends. Ok that and celebrating the immense joy I get when I see that Britain is still wet and cold for 361 days of the year #sorrynotsorry

But I don’t like the bullshit social media creates. The comparison of one persons life to another or that a like on a status every so often is deemed as communicating with your long term school friend as opposed to a hug or chat. Face to face, like in the olden days.

That’s just not cool and kinda sad right??

Then there are the over sharers who make me want to vom and bitch slap them all at the same time but luckily there’s a simple “unfollow” button for you.

And we’re all guilty of it. I don’t remember a single time I was out for a meal or movie or hell in bed and someone didn’t whip out their phone to read a message or send a snap chat. And then there was that time a person was on the toilet and thought I should know about it… “Guess what I’m doing #YOLO!”

Is it our generation? Most likely. But ultimately we have the choice to put down our phones and iPads and pay attention to what’s directly in front of us, even if it’s our own thoughts and feelings.

And don’t we owe it to ourselves to shut down every so often, forget about what or who Kate in Belgium is doing and whoa that makes 5 holidays this year Mike has been on, I wonder how he gets all that time off?

Instead let’s actually look at our friends/partners/family when they’re speaking to us and give them our undivided attention.

You don’t create lifelong memories from phones people.

You create them by BEING. Who’s with me?

P.S. Whilst searching for a picture on my phone for this blog post I got lost and spent 8 minutes looking at Instagram before remembering what I was meant to be doing… GOD DAM IT!!


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2 responses to “Social Media is The Opposite of Being Social”

  1. So true! Shits me when I’m out to dinner with people and they all be phobing. My sister in law owns a restaurant and she has a sign at the front saying “no phobing”

  2. Kate Boston says:

    So damn true! I’ve just wasted an hour on FB! Lead me to your post which is a positive but have now need to re-trace my steps and remember what work I am actually suppose to be doing while sitting at my desk! x