My Muffin Top Is Fabulous


Oh this post is way overdue.

Ladies, our society and the way we bang on about body image is OUTRAGEOUS. I’m surprised we aren’t even more screwed up over it than we already are.

I’m 28 years old and been on every diet imaginable. Raise your hand if you’re with me. The ironic thing is, the constant yo yo-ing did more damage to my self esteem than it ever did bringing me any closer to the Jennifer Anniston arms i’ve forever craved. Hell it still does now. Those demons are hard to kick lovers.

I could have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model sure. You could too! And if you want that then go fourth and conquer my child, you’ll do amazing!

Do you know what it is that I want?

I want to spend more time coming from this place i’m currently in. That acceptance that whilst I get a cheeky muffin top when I sit down, this body has hauled my backside around for almost 3 decades and not given up yet. My arms may get that little lumpy thing going on when squished against my sides but that’s more than ok because they’re the same arms attached to these hands, typing this very blog post. And I REFUSE to allow a sometimes crazy society deflect from my creativity and what it is that truly makes me happy.

Will a washboard stomach in a size 4 pair of jeans make me smile? Yes. Am I willing to give up everything else I enjoy in order to get there. Nope. And that’s ok because it’s my choice.

Happiness. Being ok with who you are. Being content with your own size or look, not anyone else’s. There’s no right or wrong here when you simply make health a priority and drop the rest of the shit. I want to enjoy my food and the pleasure that comes with it.

Like bacon! Bacon on a toasted piece of ciabatta with creamy smashed avocado and feta. Not every day, but on a delightful day. A delightful day that has followed a week of healthy homemade meals with my loved ones, a glass of wine and an overdue catch up with a friend and a few sweaty workouts to move my glorious body.

Not because I have to or because I should, but because I want to.


Take away the “I can never eat this again” or “I’ll never look like her if I do or don’t do this” and breathe in a huge sigh of relief when you finally start to find a true balance in your own life. No more fighting against yourself, no more little voice saying you aren’t good enough and no more ridiculous comparisons to someone who isn’t you and who like every other person out there, has their own insecurities they’re working through.

We’re all human. 

I’ll always strive to be a better version of myself; to be stronger, kinder, more compassionate of others and to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. But it won’t be to conform to all the superficial junk we see too much of. It will be in the hope that by the time I come to have a daughter she’ll be more worried about her first kiss than if her thighs touch or not.


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