14 Occasions Laziness Got The Better Of You


Occasionally I have this little knack of being a tad lazy in my day to day life.

Can you relate???

1) That time you opted out of cooking the classic meat and veggies for dinner and chose the sexier version instead; egg and dippy soldiers.

2) That time you did a food shop and would rather lose the blood flow to both arms than make a second trip to your car to collect the rest of the bags.

3) That time you passed the shoe re heeling thingymabob and thought I really should get these heels done because i’m starting to sound like a horse at work. But maybe next weekend. Yeah next weekend i’ll do it.

4) That time your petrol light went off and you’d already passed two more than convenient fuel stations. Filling up your car is just sooooooooo boring!

5) That time you had drinks planned after work on a Friday night and had plenty of time to do a fresh face of makeup but reapplying a simple lipgloss was the way forward. Leaves more time for playing.

6) That time you wore odd socks. Ok one of many times you wore odd socks (seriously, where do they go?!).

7) That time you almost broke a finger trying to squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste doing that roll up from the bottom of the tube thing. All for a tiny squidge of the white stuff.

8) That time you spent 17 minutes driving round the car park desperately trying to find a space within a stones throw of the shops. By the time you’ve done it you could have walked from home. FFS.

9) That time you painted over your chipped nails instead of opting for a fresh look. And the time after that. And the time after that. And that.

10) That time you emptied the washing machine and looked like someone playing a game of twister, grabbing at just one sock that had fallen from the pile of clothes in your arms. Must….get….can’t….come….back….not….much….time….

11) That time you really should have washed your hair but somehow managed to convince yourself you could get away with just one more day. You didn’t. Professor Snape would like his wig back now.

12) That time your favourite bra lost its shape but you kept wearing it for several weeks after. It was good to you so you owe it this much.

13) That time you had a gym class planned and you chose pizza instead. God bless a pepperoni stuffed crust.

14) That time you had a gym class planned and you chose a large wine instead.



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