How To Be Ok With Your Own Company


When I moved to Perth I got a little bit chunky. Let’s call it “comfort eating” weight shall we hehe.

In the space of 24 hours I went from several friendships to a grand total of none. And it hit home hard. I had to become ok with being alone in a brand new part of the world and that required some hard truths on my part. Because when in your own company you have nothing but time to focus in on yourself and what it is that makes you tick.

Now fast forward almost three years later (HOLY SHIT DID I MAKE IT THREE WHOLE YEARS?!) and i’m still learning my own tricks to remaining a happy little lamby chop when the world around me is quiet.

It’s a working progress for sure however here are 5 tips i’ve learnt in between my comfort chocolate binges and homesick whines:

Tip 1) Embrace Change In Your Normal Routine

The BF heads off on many holidays and famils all over the world on a regular basis and more often than not is un-contactable for days at a time. Naturally, this is harder for the person left behind and can cause ripples in the every day routine.

Strategy: Focusing on the positives of a break in your relationship instead of the negatives. The missing each other and the huge cuddles you’ll get when you’re reunited. Time apart also means more time for your own passions whether it be blogging or exercise or reading PLUS how much more space in the bed do you have?!

Tip 2) Have A Strong Circle Of Positive Influences Around You

There is absolutely no way I could take full credit for the length of my stay or the life I have been able to build in this wonderful country were it not for those special people around me. They have become more like family than friends.

Strategy: Speak openly about your feelings and take advise on board. More often than not others have been in situations similar to yours at some point and you can take some comfort in that fact. I have multiple friends who have shifted continents as well as others who spend large chunks of time apart from their partner. Sharing is caring.

Tip 3) Be Selfish

At times we are all guilty of saying yes to something we really shouldn’t for fear of upsetting the balance. But balance within ourselves is so much more important than the FOMO.

Strategy: Learn to say no when the outcome will have a negative impact. Making choices that enable you to become a more self assertive and confident person will leave you feeling sure of yourself and content. And much more able to tackle those moments of loneliness when they come.

Tip 4) Treat Yo Self!

We head off to work or uni, pay our bills, clean our houses and all the necessary bits in between yet we can often forget to stop and indulge in a little “me” time. And don’t we all deserve a little fuss now and then?

Strategy: Turn off your phone and enjoy a hot bubble bath with your favourite candle, visit the nail salon, buy an ice cream cone and sit in the sunshine or get a foot spa and reflexology whilst reading a good book (one of my faves!). Just do whatever it is that makes you feel pampered and warms your soul because this will in turn relate alone time to indulgence time. Plus you deserve it.

Tip 5) Drop Your Walls

Only this morning I was having my nails done and couldn’t help but over hear the English accent from the girl sat next to me. Before I know it we’re talking life at home, how we miss our families and love the lifestyle here in Perth. Oh and we’re meeting up for brunch.

Strategy: Let people in. Be bubbly and open to the world around you and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The thought of striking up a conversation with a complete stranger once scared the hell outta me but now I get a buzz when I meet new people, especially when they turn out to be people like me 🙂

I hope these 5 tips help the next time you find yourself with just you for company.

As always, thanks for reading my little sponge muffins!


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