21 Signs You Blog

1) You carry a notepad around in case an idea strikes or have hundreds of notes on your iPhone. Hundreds.

2) You spend 17 minutes and 24 seconds arranging a pair of socks for a post. You shout at said pair of socks when they just don’t go the way you want them to you stupid socks you!

3) You spend hours drooling over other blogs and their layouts. How did she get her logo to flash up like that???

4) You can’t believe how many apps there are to download that can help edit photos or advertise your blog. This is like, totes amazing!

5) You feel the frustration of widgets on a regular basis.

6) You have become accustomed to that weird look people can give you when you tell them that you blog. Blogging; is that like, a new religion or something??

7) You irritate the living hell out of your boyfriend when you refuse to let either of you eat dinner until the perfect shot has been taken. By then it’s normally cold.

8) You see a pedicure at the salon as the perfect opportunity to work on a new draft.

9) You attend your first ever bloggers brunch and recognise half the people sat there. I’ve totally not stalked your Instagram for months. Promise.

10) You do that thing where you get all excited to write a post only to stare at your Mac for half an hour, praying for the words to come anytime soon. Please God, please!

11) You see a photo opportunity in everything you do. The boyfriend sees a grubby wall with graffiti, you see the opportunity for a new outfit shot and to walk down the road flicking your hair all sassy and shit.

12) You feel the need to apologise if you go MIA even though it happens to us all because ya know, life.

13) You secretly high five yourself when you get a new subscriber or Instagram follower. And then proceed to stalk them for the next 45 minutes.

14) You wonder if the next logical step is to release an E-Book.

15) You ponder over the thought of paid advertising for your Facebook page.

16) You become a hashtag pro.

17) You often think your blog isn’t good enough and pick apart your posts. Why do we do this?

18) You know most of the Instragram filters by name and have your favourites. Oh sweet, sweet Amaro.

19) You feel like the world just might end when you visit an event like the Taste of Perth and realise you’ve forgotten your phone. God bless the boyfriend.

20) You research the best cameras and lens and feel a little bit guilty towards your iPhone. It has gotten you this far…

21) You know that god awful feeling when you read a published post and notice a spelling error even after checking it a gazillion times. FML.


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