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What’s your first thought when you hear the word fighter? Rocky? Muhammad Ali? The Karate Kid?
My money’s on the assumption that whoever came to mind was male and/or Brad Pitt In THAT movie. With his top off. Oh god with his top off.

Well today’s post isn’t about any of the above, nor do they have to wear a cup when they fight. Ladies, Caley Reece is a WMC world champion and kicks some serious behind!!


An inspiration to any female looking to get into the sport of Muay Thai, or any sport for that matter, Caley has dedicated 10 years to the ring and continuously delivered an epic performance.
Every. Single. Time.

Her passion for what she loves to do alongside the fabulous message she spreads with her daily posts on Instagram and Facebook make Caley a super edition to What Women Want!

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a true blue Aussie – I love the outdoors, I love to train, I love the beach and I love to laugh. Those things are very important to me. I’m surrounded in some amazing people – and those that have known me since childhood, will agree I’m still the same girl as I was in high school. I think despite ones achievements, it’s very important to stay grounded and level headed and I have done exactly this. Achievements make you no better than anyone else. Just different.
Growing up I played competitive basketball for WA. When I turned 19, I started kickboxing and freestyle Karate. I found my passion for Muaythai after attending a fight show and from that night, I wanted to be a professional fighter and dedicated 10 solid years to this. In this time I worked hard to achieve, state, national and international titles. I was also the proud holder of 6 World Titles and retired happy and content 1 month ago. In the last year or so I have really picked up my Crossfit training which I am absolutely loving. I was in Martial Arts for so long and was looking for some new challenges and Crossfit has given me exactly this. I am pushed to such an extreme that I think its the closest thing I will get to a fight. I have a very positive outlook in life and have a strong interest in mental/ mind training and the psychology in sport which has really helped mould me into the athlete that I feel I am.

Describe a typical day?
I like to start the day with training (not a long session) . Usually some form of cardio or crossfit so usually 30-45mins. Then i’m into work and that entails running Riddlers Gym and organising fight shows. At night time I always train a couple of hours whether it be Muaythai or Crossfit now. I like to take a morning off any type of work or training too and just enjoy some time and a breather! I also do 2/3 recovery sessions a week.

What is your philosophy when it comes to food and training?
My philosophy is pretty easy. I eat to perform well. I’m not into creating fancy foods or counting macro nutrients or anything like that. I eat 7 meals a day, all on the smaller side, but often, and all food that is chewable to keep my digestion active which promotes a faster metabolism. I eat a lot of salmon, salads, brown rice, tuna, red meat, berries, oats – nothing with any added sweeteners or sauces . I will have my favourite things a few times a week because 1) I like to live and 2) I like them!!

What has one of your toughest moments been and how did you go on to defy it?
One of my toughest moments was in 2012 when I announced my retirement for the first time. I retired due to frustration and anger of a big mistake someone made about one of my titles that I had worked so hard for. Obviously at the time I thought I was making the right decision and told people that it was because I wanted to start a family because I didnt feel I wanted to have to explain the real reason. Because I reacted on emotion, after a few months, I realised that my passion for fighting was still there and the emotions had worn off – leaving me very down in the dumps having “announced my retirement”. It took a lot of strength and pride to stand up and say that I had made a mistake retiring and that I was going to come back. I copped a bit of shit from some people (but was aware it was going to be these people anyway), but I stood true to my feelings and came back and gave it another good 2.5 years and 10 fights without letting those people’s comments bother or worry me too much. Announcing something worldwide and then changing your mind is a hard thing to do, believe me. But if thats what you want, then that’s what you want!!

What enables you to be your best self and what does it mean to you?
I am who I am because of training. Its created my life and its has been the reason not only for my achievements, but the reason I’ve kept my head screwed on with directions, goals and focus. Without training, i’m miserable. It’s who I am and without it, I wouldnt want to be around me haha.

How do you maintain balance in your life?
Actually the last few years, Ive struggled with it a little. I put so much time and effort into training that I forgot about myself and my actual life. Because of this I fell into a big hole at the end of last year which sidelined me for a couple of months and taught me a hard lesson. So now i’m not afraid to take a session off if I dont feel like training and I’ve backed off in the lengths of my sessions too. In the years I was a fighter, I think my friends and family just accepted the fact that I wasnt around much. It was hard but it was my choice to dedicate my time fully to being the best athlete I could be. Im just lucky they have all been so supportive and understanding.

Tell us 3 things we might now know about you?
1) I wear perfume to bed
2) I eat more chocolate than most people would assume
3) I lost my first 2 fights and then a boxing fight. Then lost 3 out of 55 more giving me 30 straight wins. Just proves you should never give up.

What is one of your favourite life quote and why?
I have two:
– “Believe” – without belief you have nothing
– “Champions train when no-one is watching” – self explanatory. You shouldnt need people watching you or motivating you if you want to be a champion.

What’s next for Caley Reece?
It was a big decision to retire from fighting but one that I am very happy and content with. I couldnt do anymore, I had no more goals or challenges that I wanted.Its easy to stay in something you are familiar with so it was scary but I knew it was right. Training is and will be my life until its impossible for me. I am now focussing a lot of my time in the growth of our gym and into Crossfit. I used Crossfit as part of my strength and conditioning during the last 2 years of fighting and I love it. Its challenging and Ive done some workouts that have left me on the ground. Now that I am taking it a lot more seriously, I am focusing more on Olympic Lifting aswell which I avoided a lot during my fight career. I am entered into a few comps this year for Crossfit and am really enjoying the transition – back to being a newbie surrounded by the best.




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