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“Give me 10 burpees!”

It doesn’t exactly fill me with undeniable joy when I hear these words. In fact I don’t know anyone in their right mind who actually enjoys doing burpees and if they tell you they do then they are lying. Or related to The Rock.

For the past month I have dramatically reduced refined sugar in my diet and a couple of weeks in gluten followed suit. If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll know that the drop in energy levels was pretty significant. So much so the thought of exercising brought me actual pain. Yeah, yeah I’m being a drama queen I know but it was quite a shock to feel that lethargic for the first time in my life. Especially when you think you’re doing the right thing by making healthy changes.

That being said, I still made an effort to move my backside each day and would alternate between outdoor walking and classes at my gym.

Mach 1 Fight Club or M1FC has been my gym of choice for the past 2 years now. I made the change from your typical gym because weights and the treadmill were boring me so I went in search of something that would give me a whole other kind of fitness and keep me on my toes (literally!). Plus I had not long been in Perth from the UK and thought it might be a great way to meet new people.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Not only have I learnt self defence and how to throw an actual punch, but I can skip 3 rounds of 3 minutes no problem and sprint (albeit like the gangly legged bambi that I am) after several rounds on the bag or with a partner.

I even met the BF as he is a trainer for Mach 1 and many of my closest friendships have formed from this place.

Because M1FC is more like a family than it is a gym.

The varied timetable that offers classes from early mornings to late evenings means that I can fit my workout in between my hectic schedule and not have to worry about getting a work out in. Plus the few times that I have been running a little late, the trainers have been totally flexible and let me slide right in (once i’ve warmed up of course).

Women’s Only Kickboxing is a great way to get a feel for things without the embarrassment of training with a heap of men and their triceps. It’s how I first got started so I can totally relate to how a woman might feel walking in there for the first time. Once a little more experienced I moved on to the Muay Thai and Boxing classes and months later I tried my hand at sparring. And yes, I have punched and kicked men and they have punched and kicked me back. IT’S FUN!

Beginner’s Muay Thai, BJJ, strength and conditioning and Jiu Jitsu are other classes available so there is plenty of variety for all ages and levels of fitness.

Without being ever so slightly biased, the trainers are brilliant. All energetic and knowledgeable. In fact most have started off as beginners themselves and gone on to have fights and teach which just means they can empathise that little bit more with a total beginner.

During the past month I dropped just under three kilos and this is most definitely from a combination of eating great foods and putting my body through it’s paces at a mixture of the classes. Personally I prefer an early morning workout to start my day so Strength and Conditioning has been great to burn body fat and the Boxing has been awesome for fitness! Although if i’ve chosen a sleep in over my gloves, i’ve made use of the evening Muay Thai class and got to catch up with a few friends whilst i’m at it.

And the results speak for themselves. This is one month in. And I’m pretty happy!


Speaking as an every day individual who like most of you, sometimes can’t be bothered to throw on their shorts and get sweaty, I really can’t stress highly enough about finding the kind of fitness you like that is going to challenge you, prevent you from getting bored and keep you coming back for more.

Like I said, no one likes a burpee so at least like the place you’re doing them in.

Makes total sense.


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Photo credit Robyn Trex Lambird-Walton


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