28 Things Only Short Girls Will Understand


1) Reaching up on your tippy toes to kiss your boyfriend.

2) Having to bring your car’s driving seat all the way forward and then still having to stretch just that last inch.

3) Letting the BF drive your car and getting in it afterwards. Why can you never get it back to that perfect position again???

4) Looking like a whale if you gain 2 kilos or more. Why always the face?

5) Being just above the theme park ride’s minimal limit. Score!

6) Realising you’ve left your ID at home as you get to the bar. No chance you’re getting served now you weird looking child woman.

7) Talking your way in without ID only to have to make the treachourous climb up the bar stools.

8) People assuming you can do the limbo.

9) Someone tall sitting in front of you at the movies. Every. Dam. Time.

10) Bean bags swallowing you whole. Good luck if no one’s around to help you back up.

11) Asking for help to reach the top shelve at the supermarket. Sod’s law it’s tampons.

12) How scary the deep end of the swimming pool is.

13) Getting onto a horse with no mounting block or leg up. It is so not ideal.

14) Trying to balance on a bike and that scary moment when you don’t quite know if you’ll ever make it back down to earth.

15) The risk of boobs getting only so big before toppling.

16) The frustration that comes with your favourite clothes store petite section. I might be short but I am not a size 2.

17) The sheer lack of running buddies. Difficult to obtain when you have the stride of a wombat.

18) High fives become low fives.

19) People calling you cute. Like a lot.

20) Being able to curl up all snugly in the one plane seat to sleep. Better yet the one next to you being empty. You totally won this round!

21) Looking at that suitcase when you’re packing and wondering whether you’d fit in with the lid closed.

22) High waisted trousers are out. Unless they’re meant to come up to your bra?

23) People commenting on how small you really are like it’s a big surprise or something.

24) No one taking you seriously when you’re angry.

25) Tripping over the hem of your own work trousers.

26) Having to ask politely if you can sit on someone’s shoulders at a music festival.

27) The time spent searching for a skipping rope that isn’t the length of your intestines.

28) Not being able to reach the chin up bar. A perfect excuse for not doing them. Ever.

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