Be Careful With “I Wish”…

I remember seeing a woman once I was in complete awe of. She was taking part in a Cross Fit challenge at the Perth Exhibition Centre and rocking a full on 6 pack in a sports bra and tiny shorts.

Now i’ll be completely honest with you, my first thought was about the ice cream tub still sat next to my bed at that point. My second was the fact it was empty (what else are Saturday nights in your pjs for???)

My threesome with Ben and Jerry aside though, he physique was simply incredible, mind blowing in fact. And whilst her body was something of a masterpiece in many ways and I felt a huge amount of respect towards her, I have to say I was glad to find myself saying to my friend “She looks amazing but I wouldn’t want that body”. Why you ask? Well because I realised soon after that whilst I would like to be more toned or a little leaner or change certain parts of myself, like 99% of us do, I could appreciate this woman for what she was without an ounce of jealousy and without the need to compare myself to her.

This is a good place to be ladies.

How many times have you seen a person and found yourself wishing that you had what they had? Wishing you were as thin as them. As fit as them. As pretty as them. Had what they had. And did you finish it off by comparing yourself and start to pick apart each little thing you aren’t quite happy with about yourself?

Sounding familiar?

Jealousy is a nasty little thing. It steals away present moments and brings out a side in people they never knew they had. Accept it, you are always going to come across someone who has something you want or who seems further along in life than you; the amazing job, the doting fiancé or those ripped arms that give Jennifer Anniston a run for her money.

But the beauty of working towards your own goals and being the best version of YOU and you only is that when you see others achieving their own successes you can genuinely be happy for them. By following a path true to you, regardless of the outcome you achieve in the end, you will feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are on your own journey and you too will reach your goals in life. Whether it be job satisfaction or dropping those last few kilos, it’s all the same. We all have ambitions, hopes, aspirations, dreams, needs and wants in life and we should go after them with a show of class and a humbleness. It’s when we start to lose focus of what we want as an individual or stop pushing ourselves to go after it that we can begin to act bitterly towards those who do and that little green monster rears its head.

Go after what it is that you want; blog your heart out after a busy day at work or eat the foods you want because they make you feel great or workout 6 times a week because you have a bikini you want to look amazing in. But do so with dignity and a passion that ignites a spark in others and not a negative attitude that brings you down to a level that simply isn’t you.

Don’t wish for what others have and be envious that you don’t have it. Make your own goals, race after them and I guarantee everything else will fall into place.

What are you waiting for?


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