Why The Small Moments Matter

Today I have:

Washed my car.
Vacuumed my car.
Eaten breakfast.
Answered emails.
Answered phone calls.
Lent my computer to a colleague.
Tried to find a working computer to use.
Failed at finding a working computer to use.
Gone over my meeting notes.
Attended meeting.
Followed up on meeting points.
Struggled to cut the grip ties keeping my phone cord in place with scissors.
Hunted down knife to use on grip ties. Didn’t work.
Enlisted the help of a colleague with a wire cutter to cut the grip tie.
Moved phone.
Moved computer.
Moved chair.
Moved office.
Realised I forgot to eat lunch.
Ate a crispy creme donut. Second one ever. Delightful.
Signed new car loan papers.
Listened to an unhappy customer for 12.2 minutes. He used the F word twice.
Prepared a colleague for angry customer’s visit tomorrow.
Made follow up calls to yesterday’s customers.
Took more phone calls.
Took more bookings.
Hugged my boss.
Hugged my friend as she arrived for her shift.
Saw customers out to their cars.
Drove to the beach.
Got changed in my car in the car park. Flashed boobs to unsuspecting woman.
Enjoyed a beach walk with a friend.
Spoke about life.
Drove to the gym.
Trained for an hour.
Learnt that I move like a robot between combos.
Drove home.
Walked through the door and…

…kissed this guy. Spoke about my day. Gave his face a nuzzle.

kiss 2

Never underestimate the small moments. We need them more than we know sometimes.


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